Monday, January 30, 2017


That's what La Petite Belle and I have become through this.
We were always close, but through these last couple of years, we've become glued together. Of course, this occurred unintentionally, but it's what happens when you're stuck together almost 24/7.

I would choose differently though.
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE that she considers me her best friend and wants me by her side. She sweetly put her hand on my cheek and said, "You're my best friend," a couple of nights ago. It made my heart swell. So precious. So loving. So sweet. So grateful that she loves me and genuinely wants me with her.

But, I'd rather her be kicking me out of her room because she wanted privacy, like a typical 16-year-old. I'd rather her be hanging out with friends her own age, having sleepovers and dance parties.

We had an overall good weekend here at the hospital. She felt mostly good with just moments or pain/nausea throughout the day. She and I had our own Netflix time on Saturday night, while she and Beau had theirs on Sunday night. All with lots of cuddling and Sunday night, she even ate a few bites. She claims that, while I'm her best friend, Beau is her boy-friend {boy best friend}.

We were able to get out of the hospital both days to get some fresh air and sunshine.
La Petite Belle has always loved the sun. She would spend hours outside, basking in it. Many of her days were spent at our neighborhood pool.
When we take her out, she loves to just sit in the sun. Once she gets into a little bit of sunshine, she says, "Ahhhhh ... the sun." And, then she asks us to just sit for a while.

While our weekend was good, this morning brought more pain for La Petite Belle. She woke at 6:00 am, crying in pain. Her abdominal pain had returned. She got multiple meds with not much relief. After three hours, she finally was able to rest. She has slept the entire day today.

Also, while her HSV virus is not detected in her blood and hasn't been for some time, her mouth, throat, and lips are still bothering her. She continues to get IV antiviral meds. We are unsure how long she will need to remain on these. While she's getting them IV, it's best that we stay inpatient. Otherwise, we would have to come to the hospital every day for an infusion. We were hoping that she would've been able to switch to oral versions of these meds by now. We are praying that this week will be the week of major improvement in the healing of her lips, mouth, and throat.

Her sinusitis seems to be better. She was started on a new antibiotic last week that seems to be working in draining all that mess. Her sinuses have been totally clogged on one whole side of her face. The antibiotic is supposed to allow this all to drain.

The great news is that her hemolysis seems to have gone. She is getting her last dose of immune suppressant this evening and hasn't needed a blood transfusions for over two weeks. Thank God for that!

This pesky virus seems to be what's keeping us here.
As you pray for La Petite Belle, please pray for this virus to be gone and her lips, mouth, and throat to heal. Thank you all for continuing to stand and believe with us for La Petite Belle's healing. We appreciate you so much.
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