Friday, September 30, 2016

Stop Saying " ... if it's God's will ..."

I can understand how someone who doesn't know God can say such a thing. But, for the life of me, I can't understand why those who know God and have been devout Christ-followers for many years can utter these words.

I received, yet another text recently, from a well-meaning person with these words in it regarding my daughter's healing ... "if it's God's will."

Duh. Of course it's God's will to heal. God's will is ALWAYS healing.

If you know God, then you know His will.
If you don't know God, then everything is nilly-willy, up-in-the-air "theology."

When you say, "if it's God's will," you don't believe in the power of prayer. In fact, you don't believe God listens at all, much less intervenes in our lives.

Saying, "if it's God's will," means everything we're taught about prayer doesn't matter. 
It's like saying, "Well, you can pray as much as you want, but God's going to do whatever He wants to do regardless."
So, then why pray? What a waste of time that would be.

The Bible always points us towards bringing our requests, prayers, and petitions to God (Matt. 7:7; James 4:2). In fact, the Bible says to pray about EVERYTHING (Phil. 4:6-7).
Why would He ask us to do that if He were going to simply disregard them?
What kind of god would ask us to pray, to ask, all the while knowing He wouldn't listen?
That's not the God I know.

The God I know doesn't just hear, but listens.
The God I know sees, and is moved by our honest pleas.

God's will is ALWAYS for life and never for death.
God's plans are ALWAYS for good and never for evil.
That's His will, so we never have to say, "... if it's God's will," as if we're giving Him an out in case things don't work out the way we think is right and good.
He doesn't need our help, nor an out.
We just have to understand that His ways are ALWAYS higher than ours.

Trust me, I've spent the last year and a half trying to understand His will and make sense of the details of our lives. God and I have had some real honest conversations, some real hard conversations. I've learned to not even waste my energy or brain space on trying to understand or answer the question, "why."

Jesus taught us to pray. In His prayer, He said, "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven." He could pray this with confidence, knowing who the Father is and that His will is perfect.

As Christians, we need to just take that phrase out of our speech. We need to commit ourselves to prayer, knowing full well He is working on our behalf.

Ok, I'm off that soapbox.

September is now ending and we move onto a new month, a new season, and yet we are still fighting alongside our sweet La Petite Belle. Still in the hospital. Tired beyond belief. Relying on God's strength to sustain us and get us through to the other side of this.

La Petite Belle has been suffering from pancreatitis, but it seems to be resolving as I write this today. Her vomiting/nausea/pain isn't as intense as it has been. She continues to try to push through the pain and work on regaining her strength with physical therapy. We are also trying to keep her consistent with this, regardless of how she feels when it is therapy time. La Petite Belle remains on a Heparin drip to get this blood clot dissolved. The GI doctors will also be conducting a motility test this coming week to check out her digestion. She hasn't eaten in over a month and shows no signs of hunger, which is not her norm. Her doctor seems to think she has some type of abnormality regarding her motility. The most disheartening thing to us now is that her kidneys seem to be sleeping yet again, and she's back on dialysis four days a week. The kidney doctor said she was "worried" they wouldn't recover. We are trying to remain hopeful that her kidney function will return a second time.

Your prayers are so appreciated. Please pray that her kidneys will, once again, make a complete recovery and prove the kidney doctors wrong. Also, pray for continued healing of her stomach and GI tract, and for this pancreatitis to be completely gone. Pray for strength for her muscles and bones and this blood clot to disappear.

Thank you for your continuing to pray, stand, and believe with us for our girl's complete healing!If you would like to financially support Katie's (aka La Petite Belle) journey to healing, you can find more information here:  All funds go to cover medical bills and expenses.