Friday, November 13, 2015


That's such a big word.

It actually comes from the verb "appraise", which we all know means to set a value on or a price. This is probably why people themselves like to know they're appreciated, that they're valued. Everyone wants to feel valued. It's natural.

We think we appreciate things in our lives. We think we understand how valuable even the little things are in our lives. I'd venture to say, we even think we show our appreciation and gratitude enough on a daily basis.
But, I'm convinced that true appreciation follows something hard.

All of us here have grown to appreciate certain things more now than ever ...
from the little things like, tucking our kiddos in bed, Saturday morning family pancake breakfast, and answering question after question from our inquisitive La Petite Belle ...
to the big things like, every single second we get to spend with K Belle before she leaves for Australia in two months,  having a job, family and friends nearby, and most of all, sharing some pretty major, gut-wrenching moments with our La Petite Belle in this whole journey of saving her life.

Beau and I have each grown and expressed to each other things that matter to us most and those things we truly appreciate. It's in these moments where you forget the crap (yes, crap ... there's no other word for it) and push it to the side and learn to treasure the things that really matter in your life. For us, it's our God, our family, and our friends/community. There's a lot of junk that you can cut out of your life when you keep these things in the forefront.

Something I didn't expect was how much La Petite Belle would grow in appreciation for life and the things of life, large and small. I never wanted her to have to know this at such a young age, but thankful that she's got a grasp on what's important.

There have been moments when she has gotten gifts or received thoughtful texts or calls, where she has cried or expressed how grateful she was for them. In the past, she would've been thankful, but the appreciation goes a lot deeper now.

Yesterday at our clinic visit, our doctor asked this question:
"Do you want to go home for the weekend?"

Granted. We are not Day 100 yet. Today makes Day 92.

It caught us off guard. 
We knew the plan was to go home next weekend, but we didn't expect to be able to go home beforehand, even for a quick trip.

La Petite Belle's eyes started to well up with tears once the doctor walked out. I asked her if she wanted to go home. The answer, of course, was "yes." 

Even if she couldn't go anywhere, she still wanted to go home.
She wants to see her sister.
She wants to sleep in her bed.
She wants to see that other dog. Ugh.
She wants to see some friends.
She just wants to be home.

There is an appreciation of home like never before. Home, of course, is where we all are. And, finally, for the weekend, we will all be together under one roof.

We have no new news regarding her T-cell test and infusion, only that her own old T-cells last week were starting to multiply. The T-cell infusion was done just at the right time. Now, we wait longer. It could take a couple of weeks to get the full results of the infusion. Then, the doctor will know if we need to do another one.

So, we will be home for the weekend.
We will return to Houston on Monday to await our next appointment.
Then, hopefully be home again the following weekend, returning once a week for a clinic visit. This once-a-week thing will continue until there is some good results from the T-cells.

Please continue to pray with us about those T-cells, that the donor cells would multiply and take over, that La Petite Belle's T-cells will be no more.

Thanks to everyone, for praying and believing with us!

If you would like to financially support Katie's (aka La Petite Belle) journey to healing, you can find more information here:  All funds go to cover medical bills and expenses.