Friday, October 23, 2015

We think we know.

This picture showed up this morning on my Timehop app. 
(Sidetone - How great is Timehop?! As if I'm not already super sentimental and hormonal, it leads me to tears sometimes. Get it if you don't have it. You'll laugh and sometimes cry.)

Two years ago, I left my job of seven years. My hubby was my boss and I worked at a place I loved. It wasn't perfect. No place is. But, I loved the people and loved the things that I got to do.

Beau and I each prayed earnestly about me leaving when another job opportunity presented itself. It was a great opportunity financially for us. It was scary for me because it was a field that I had never been in. I was definitely more comfortable where I was.

Beau and I each believed that this new job was an open door for us to get out of debt and a way for us to provide more for our children, especially at that time, K Belle.

K Belle was determined to go to Hillsong College in Sydney, Australia (where she will be attending this coming January). It'd been a dream and something on her heart for years and she wasn't backing down. This would be quite costly for us, but we knew this was what God wanted for her.

Me getting this new job would allow for us to better afford to help her go to Australia for a year or possibly two.

At least, that's what we thought.

We thought this new job was for those specific purposes.

Little did we know God was preparing us for something way bigger. A storm was coming and we needed to be ready.

I now know that those almost two years at that job was preparing us for this time we would need to be available to care for La Petite Belle.

Looking back, I see God's hand all over our situation to prepare us financially.

We can make all the plans that we want, but they really mean nothing to God. And, our plans were GOOD plans. God does want us to plan, of course. But, we can make our plans for all kind of good reasons when God could be using our good plans for something totally different.

I've learned that God's plans are the best plans whether we see what they are or not. A lot of times we don't see what God's plans were until after the fact. And, I'm learning that His plans are always for our good no matter how things look in the moment. We are all walking that truth out right now ... learning to trust more, learning to believe more, learning to know Him more.

And, now I'm jobless so that I can care for my daughter. But, I know that just as God provided almost two years ago, He will provide again.

Here's a quick update on our girl ...

DAY 71+
La Petite Belle's counts are good. Sometimes they rise. Sometimes they stay the same.
She did battle HSV last week, but has kicked that nasty virus.
We continue to go to clinic two times a week.
There is still a small amount of her own cells showing up in her blood. That's what I would ask you all to pray against the most ... whatever cells she has remaining would be gone and the donor cells would multiply immensely. The good news is that she was 100% donor cells in her bone marrow. As our doctor in Lafayette told us, "The bone marrow is like looking into the future. Whatever happens in the marrow will eventually happen in the blood." If this is the case, we pray for that 100% to show up in the blood soon. 
We are about four weeks away to Day 100+ and we can't be more ready to go home than we are now.

Thanks again for praying and believing with us for our girl's COMPLETE healing!

If you would like to financially support Katie's (aka La Petite Belle) journey to healing, you can find more information here:  All funds go to cover medical bills and expenses.