Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Today will be a good day.

Today is La Petite Belle's 15th birthday. 

Today, Beau and I will do everything we can to celebrate our sweet daughter.

Today, we will eat cinnamon rolls with sprinkles for breakfast.

Today, we will sing "Happy Birthday."

Today, La Petite Belle will blow out candles.

Today, we will play games.

Today, we will make homemade pizzas.

Today, we will open presents.

Today, we will eat ice cream.

Today, we will watch movies.

Today, we will cover our girl with hugs and kisses.

Today will be a good day.

This is not the way any of us ever intended to celebrate our daughter's 15th birthday or any birthday, We would've loved to throw a party with her friends or go to dinner or take her on a shopping spree. But, we are sure that this will be one of the most memorable birthdays she will ever have.

So, today will be good.

We will not think about tomorrow. Nor worry about what is ahead.

With that said, please be in prayer for us as we will be at the hospital bright and early for an unexpected 5th bone marrow biopsy. We are praying, believing, and expecting a good report from the biopsy. Once we have all the details, I will post more information. God still has a plan and we trust our good and loving Father.

This girl has been a true gift to us since the day she was born. She has brought so much love, joy, and laughter to our family and our home. We can't imagine life without her! She is truly a blessing from God and teaches us so much about our faith. 

Baby girl ... Daddy and I love you SO MUCH!
Happy Birthday! You are one AMAZING girl!

If you would like to financially support Katie's (aka La Petite Belle) journey to healing, you can find more information here: www.gofundme.com/Katieg.  All funds go to cover medical bills and expenses.

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Helen Burns said...

Happy Birthday beautiful Katie... we will celebrate this day with you too. We are praying for you and trusting for a great report as a birthday present for you. We LOVE you xoxo