Tuesday, September 29, 2015

We may be getting a little too familiar with each other.

So ... you know Beau, La Petite Belle, and I are in tight quarters. Tight quarters for extended periods of time, mind you. With living situations this way, typically people will need to go to their rooms for some alone time or they may get irritated when people click their keyboard keys a little too loudly. Some people. Not us, of course.

We're actually getting along pretty well. There's the occasional annoyances, but nothing major.

Along with the tiny disturbances to our peaceful environment, there are a thousand more good, actually great moments. Moments where we've cried together. Moments where we've laughed so hard  we've cried. Moments of heavy-duty game competitions. Moments of talking about God and what He's up to. And, lots of moments of prayer.

There are even moments of straight talk.

And, when I say "straight talk", I mean this family does not hold any punches and just states the truth. That's how we all are. But, with that comes a lot of uncomfortable conversation, mostly always involving La Petite Belle.

If you've read my blog long enough, you know this girl is a unique kid. Always has been. Never afraid to speak her mind.

Remember that time we devastated her by our talk about alcohol? That's just the tip of the iceberg these days. Thank God I think she's finally got a good understanding of that subject and she's not horrified over people drinking and them burning in hell. It took us years to change her legalistic thinking that she acquired over the years. 

Then, there was that time she asked if her Daddy and I ever smoked. To which Beau replied, "Well, we've each had cigarettes before, but didn't really smoke per se." Her response after the whole discussion was, "Great. I live with a bunch of smokers."

This girl is a black-and-white-type girl. There is no gray with her.
It's always one extreme to the other.
Example ...  Mom's not going to cook something I want to eat, then I won't eat. My friend and I can't go to the mall then I'm just going to tell her not to come. I can't watch a movie I want to watch, then I'll just go to bed.
That's the way she thinks.

She's also EXTREMELY inquisitive and tends to ask lots of questions ALL THE TIME.
Lots, y'all. Lots.
It's a great quality to have, but kinda exhausting when it's one question after the other. And, there are questions we just don't know the answer to. 

With that said, a couple of nights ago she began to grill us on our lives before Beau and I met each other. You know ... Did we date other people? How old were we when we could date? How many people did we date before we met each other? Did we have boyfriends and girlfriends before each other? For how long?

Then this ... and I quote,
"Were y'all virgins when you got married?"


Who asks their parents if they were virgins before they got married? Like really ... who does that? Would you ever have thought to ask that question to your parents? I wouldn't have. Gross. What happened to the good ol' days when you dared not speak of these things in front of your parents? They are long gone, my friend. Parents of young children ... prepare yourself.
This child is a little TOO comfortable with us, obviously. K Belle would never ask a question like this.

But, it did open another dialogue about dating and waiting for God's best for your life and why we don't want our daughters to date (as in relationships with boys) until they're 18, or outta high school. I know ... horrible, right?! But, just makes sense. We have one who made it through and she didn't die. Only one more to go! And, I'm pretty sure she'll be fine too.

I asked La Petite Belle, "Are there no questions that are off-limits for you to ask your parents?"
Her answer was yes, there are some that she's uncomfortable asking. Huh? Really??
To which I said, "We did cover the sex thing right? You do know how it all works? Do I need to go draw some pictures for you to make sure you understand?"
Thankfully, she said she didn't need that discussion again. But, I told her to ask me anyway. I guess she was done with questions for the night.

This girl is definitely entertaining.

And, she most certainly has our heart. Always has. Always will.

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Anonymous said...

Love it! Try having a youth in your youth group ask that question to your hubbie as he's giving "the talk" in youth! And he was a youth minister for 23 years so how many talks was that!!?? Thank the good Lord we were able to say YES to that question....and yes, our kids were sitting in the group. Memories!!! Gotta love our kids!
Continuing to pray.....