Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My Hesitation

We now have a gofundme.com account.

This is something I never thought I would need to consider in my life and have always had mixed feelings about. The mixed feelings come from the abuse I have seen from others who have used gofundme.com. There are those who REALLY need their accounts due to illness, extreme hardship or great fundraising causes, but then there are those who make accounts for nonsense. The crazy thing is people actually give for these.

A friend talked with me about setting one up. I continued to hesitate ... back and forth about the whole thing. Then, I began to have countless people ask how they can help by giving financially. I've gotten message after message about setting up an account. I waited. Beau and I discussed it and thought about it. We waited some more ... waiting for details to know how much money we actually need in the next year. 

Then, there was a progression of events:
I had to quit my job. 

We learned more about how extensive the treatment would be.

We contacted our insurance company and talked with the hospital social worker about expenses and resources.

After we had a firm grip on the whole situation, we knew, with me being out of a job, that we needed to go ahead with the gofundme.com account.

Asking people for help is very humbling.

God has already used so many people to bless us, surround us, and support us. And, we know God will use others to help in this way. We may have a lengthy journey ahead of us, but we know that God can make La Petite Belle recover at an amazing rate and we're believing for that!

Here is the link to our account: gofundme.com/katieg.

Thanks to everyone who continues to support us in so many ways! Most of all thank you for your prayers.

And ......... did I mention we got cake ... lots of cakes and sweets?! We are blessed beyond measure ... literally ... like our waists have grown to an unmeasurable size. So much good food being brought to us and so much cake!

Thanks, friends! 

More updates on the transplant coming soon!