Friday, June 19, 2015

I always wished I was a Braverman for times like these. (only "Parenthood" watchers will understand)

I had a tiny update from the BMT coordinator yesterday ... only that the donor is scheduled for her physical on Tuesday. And, guess how long it takes to get the results of a physical back? Yep, you guessed it ... one week ... another week to wait {seems like this is the popular time frame to get results these days}! So by June 30th, we should have an answer on that little issue. If all goes as planned, we would be headed to Houston mid-July {more specific dates to follow once the physical results are back}.

The admittance would be closer to August.

As Beau and I started to calculate dates, we came up with the tentative time frame of us (mainly La Petite Belle and me) being gone mid-July until late November, somewhere around Thanksgiving we're guessing if everything, once again, goes as planned.

"Goes as planned" ... ha! I laugh when I say things like that nowadays.

I told Beau last night, "I can make all the plans I want, but it doesn't mean they're going to happen." We've each learned to not count on our plans.

Thinking about this long stay in Houston made me feel sad last night.

I thought about how long I would be there mostly alone with my girl. The "alone with my girl" part is fine, but thinking about us being so far away from everyone in our lives is the lonely part. 

I know those few of you who live in Houston will say that you can help, but I'm talking about family and friends who are the regulars in our lives. That's a long time to be separated from them.

I start to wonder what four months away will do to friendships. Of course, I hope nothing. But, let's be real here ... separation for any length of time usually separates hearts too. Sad, but true. Not intentionally, of course, but it does happen. I feel like I've spent the last ten years of my life developing and working hard on maintaining friendships. Some may fall by the wayside and I'm just working on being ok with that. I know what you'll say ... "then they weren't friends to begin with" ... but that's not always the case in distance issues.

I reference the Bravermans (back to "Parenthood") because they were a large family ... not just large, but close. Any time there was a tragedy, they all ran to each others' sides ... good times, bad times. I know it's television and not real life. But, it should be for every family.

Yet, alas ... guess who's an only child? Moi.

So, there is no sister, no brother ... and wouldn't you know it, my parents are moving overseas. I'm thrilled for them ... proud of them. They're awesome! But, darnit ... I need a sister ... um, make that two sisters ... actually, three would be best.

Yes, I know I have Jesus, people. He'll be the One I'll be hanging onto as Beau drives back and forth during this time period. So, don't go all super-spiritual, religious on me. I've got Jesus. He's got me.

But, let's be honest ... a sister or two or three would be good ... someone to talk to who is not a doctor or nurse ... someone to just sit with me ... someone to get me groceries and make sure I don't run out of toothpaste or deodorant ... you know the kind ... sisters. This is the reason I had two children. And, lookey there - they're sisters! I've always told them they needed to stop all the bickering and remember that when we're long gone, they would only have each other. 

Last night, K Belle and La Petite Belle got to go to a friend's sweet sixteen birthday party, which was a fancy ball. I was thrilled that La Petite Belle got her substitute "8th grade dance" somewhat. We're trying to take advantage of each and every day together.

It will be a long, semi-lonely road ahead. I do know God will get us through. But, wouldn't it be nice to have Sarah Braverman {no, maybe not her ... she was a tad bit annoying} or Julia {hmm ... maybe not her either} ... ok, so maybe the best Braverman to have would be Crosby. Yep, Crosby by my side would be nice. No, he's not a sister, but a brother might work too.

We continue to wait patiently for the exact dates. We continue to monitor our girl and keep her healthy as we wait. We continue to prepare for our move out of our home into our new home. We continue to prepare for our additional temporary move to another state. We continue to prepare our oldest to leave the nest for a year come January. And, we continue to pray, hope, trust, and believe.

Hardest. Year. Ever.

Cast your cares upon the Lord and He will sustain you. 
Psalm 55:22

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