Monday, May 11, 2015

Be careful what you sing ... or say.

I firmly believe we shouldn't sing songs to God that we aren't willing to back up with our lives. Same thing goes for our prayers.

If we're going to say, "God, use me." We better be prepared for doors to be open to whatever area He chooses and then we should be prepared to say "yes".

With that said, there has been a nagging song lyric in the back of my head ever since our circumstances have changed exactly four weeks ago.

I know you will recognize the lyrics:
Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders ...
(Oceans by Hillsong)

I always thought about that particular line as I sang it in church, and especially as I lead hundreds of people in singing it with me.

I contemplated what that really meant and did I actually want that. Did they realize what they were singing with me?

What does "trust without borders" mean?

It means that I can say with my WHOLE heart, "God, I trust You in EVERYTHING!"

It's easy to pick and choose which areas we can give to God and trust Him with. That's trusting God with borders ... giving over certain areas, but then holding tightly to some areas that we don't want to give over to God. We like to keep control of those areas. And, we do that because then we don't have to make ourselves vulnerable to hurt. We keep it to ourselves to protect ourselves. It's human nature ... protection or self is part of what we do.

When we sing that line, we should be prepared for whatever may come our way. That's a HUGE statement to sing! Do you realize what you're saying to God? You're asking God to take you to a level where you can trust Him completely with anything and everything that will come your way.

God's been bringing that lyric to my remembrance, over and over again. "Remember what you said? Remember what you sang? Here's your chance to trust me more ... without borders ... in everything."

And, that's exactly what I've been attempting to do. Trust without borders.

To say to God, "No matter what, I will trust You. Even when I don't understand, I will trust You."

Now ... I know God doesn't cause something like what we're experiencing, but He definitely walks with us in it and always has a purpose through it. So, as we go on this journey, He draws close to us. He teaches us. And, we HAVE to trust Him more.

La Petite Belle will have her second bone marrow biopsy on Wednesday. This time the doctor will get a large sample for a second look.

I've been hoping and praying for K Belle to be a match for this possible stem cell transplant. I wanted that and have been praying for it because it's pretty much 100% success rate and then La Petite Belle would be healed.

Then, God brought those lyrics to me again ... Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders.

And, I realized I was putting God in a box {borders} and saying the only way La Petite Belle could be healed was through this perfect match transplant or miraculously. But, God showed me that He can heal her any way He wants through any means and definitely though treatment with less than a 100% success rate. It seems like God doesn't have to do very much with a 100% success rate.

So, I gave up control and have been praying differently ... "God ... whatever way You want to heal her, I'm good with that. It doesn't matter to me. You heal the way You desire to heal her."

That's not to say that K Belle being a match would be incredible! It would! We would celebrate that for sure, especially knowing that there's only a 25% chance she is (which is more like the kind of  percentage God likes to work with).

But ... if we have to go to other options, God can still heal. He is able. He is willing. Any time people came to Him for healing in the Bible, He never turned them away.

So, we trust without borders. We trust who God is. We trust He knows best. We just trust.

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sara said...

Daphne this was SO good. Thank you for sharing it because I needed to hear those words today. My situation is so very different from yours, but i realized this morning that I am trusting Him with borders in our circumstance. Praying that we both can trust Him with out them. Praying for your whole family this morning.