Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Smart Girl

It's amazing how your life can change in a week ... even in a day ... or a moment.

La Petite Belle is actually the MOST full-of-life, vibrant, happy child I know. She's pretty much been that way her entire life (minus that six months or so where she cried incessantly and only wanted me ... I wasn't a fan of that phase). One day, she just turned a corner and became Miss Personality.

But, I don't think the young boy who asked her to the 8th Grade dance thought she was so personable when she rejected him a couple of weeks ago. 

She relayed the story to me just Sunday night, as we made our way home from the ER. (Yes, we were at the ER Sunday night ... actually getting back home at 2:00 am, Monday morning. Her blood levels needed to be checked because of a low-grade fever she had, along with a bad headache and sore throat. All tests came back good enough for her to not be admitted, but she will be receiving more platelets Wednesday.)

I've spent a lot of time with La Petite Belle the last week. Been with her 24/7, even sleeping with her most nights last week. This has given us quite a bit of "bonding time." 

She proceeds to tell me that this boy asked her to go with him to the 8th Grade dance. And, she said the exact same thing I said to her daddy when he asked me out over 21 years ago, "Just as friends, right?" It worked out for her father, but I don't think it will for this boy.

The boy responded by explaining that he didn't just want to go as friends; he wanted to go as a real date. To which she responded, "I'm not interested in having a relationship right now."

Wow. Proud mom moment.

Except for the fact that I did feel a little bad for the poor boy, because she began to explain to him the reason why she wasn't interested in relationships at this time in her life. I laughed when she was describing this conversation with me. 

But, here's the best part ... she told the boy that he should ask one of her friends to go with him because she didn't have a date. Look at how cool she is. So, supposedly he's going to go with this other girl. He's going with her as a friend though. {more laughter}

La Petite Belle thinks she'll have more fun just going with her friends. I agree. Smart girl.

We're hoping that she will be able to go to this dance that she's waited so long for. 

Pray for us as we are making important decisions about her finishing out the school year at home with her current condition. We feel she would be safer at home than headed to school with a thousand kids every day, and we think she can finish strong here at home. I am headed to the school in the morning to discuss our options.

La Petite Belle will be having a PIC line put in on Wednesday, and she needs more platelets. She'll receive two units of platelets after her PIC line is inserted. This procedure will take 4-5 hours. Keep us in your prayers on Wednesday, too, as she goes through yet another procedure.