Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The "F" Word

I cannot stand hearing the "F" word. 

Not words like ... fun, family, food, or friendship ... those are great "F" words. I'm talking about the real "F" word. 

It's not something that is heard nor spoken in my home. If it is heard, it's from a movie, and then that's when it happens ... I cringe. I grunt. I get irritated. I feel like my ears are being stabbed with knives.

Surely there's some WAY better word that can be used. Does no one have a thesaurus? Or just a decent vocabulary?

Last night, we're watching a classic with K Belle, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. Beau warns that there's a scene where Steve Martin throws out a barrage of "F" words. I can't take that stuff. I covered my ears and sang loudly so I didn't have to hear them. 

My girls hear it every day at school. I hate that. And, I hate that they are not affected by it the way they should be. In fact, I hate that the whole world is not affected by it. Call me old-fashioned. But, honestly, our whole language in general has declined. 

I think people used to use bad language to try to make a point through shock value. But, bad language has lost its shock value so that doesn't work anymore.

Now, bad language has become the norm. It's everywhere ... movies, music, schools, the workplace, even standing in the check-out line at any grocery store ... EVERYWHERE. We can't escape it.

And, I for one, just hate it.

It's just plain UGLY. That's all. U GEE EL Y! You ain't got no alibi ... it's ugly!

There's nothing less attractive on a person than foul language coming out of his/her mouth. You can be the most beautiful person in the world, but as soon as you open your mouth and let those expletives fly ... wamp wamp ... your beauty just started to fade.

People who know me know I feel this way. So, this will not be news to them. I even have people who claim they watch their mouth around me and how difficult that is. That's funny to me because it's not difficult for me not to say the "F" word or any other word for that matter. Not difficult AT ALL.

I'm not real sure why I have such a disdain for it. I never grew up in a house where there was much of it and there's none in my house ... except "crap" ... there's a lot of "crap" here.

Maybe because I never became accustomed to it, I've never become comfortable with it. 

Now, before you say ... I need to get off my high horse and that I'm not perfect. Yep. I agree. I am far from perfect and if you know my height, you'd know I couldn't even jump on a high horse.

I may not use these words I dread, but there are ugly things that do come out of my mouth. And, when they do, I instantly think of the Scripture, "Out of the abundance of the mouth, the heart speaks." Time for a heart check.

Much worse than the "F" word, would be ugly, hurtful, mean words ... words meant to damage, coming from a wicked heart. I've said those words. You've said those words. You may feel the same way I do about the "F" word, but speak way worse things with no expletives included.

And, like me ... you have to take a breath. That two-second breath could mean the difference between  saying something you don't mean or something just mean OR saying nothing at all or speaking words of life & words that build up.

Those are the words I want to speak. And, not just about others, but about myself. We speak the most horrible words about ourselves, when we need to remind ourselves that God had a purpose in mind when He created us. Being created by God Almighty and adopted as His child, makes us pretty special and awesome.

Now, stop with the "F" word, world. We have enough issues without having to hear that non-stop, nastiness, making things even uglier. (I'm sure this post will change our current culture and society. One small step ...)

But, more than that, change your speech from words that tear down to words that build up. It'll make such a difference not just for who you're talking to, but a difference in you.