Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Italy: Tuscany Region/Siena

Another area I had longed to see was Tuscany. The whole Tuscany region is quite large. We wanted to drive through the most picturesque parts of the area, which was Chianti.

The whole drive was gorgeous. The photos don't truly show the depth of how vast this area is. But, there were miles and miles of rolling hills with vineyards and typical Italian-style homes with terra-cotta roofs. Just miles and miles of beauty.

We stopped and ate lunch at a vineyard, serving only the freshest most organic food you can get, right from nearby villages and towns. I'd say this was one of our top 3 meals.

Fresh Tomato Soup

I don't remember what this was but it was my favorite thing I ate, go figure ... some type of potato dish.

Pork Tenderloin

Guinea Fowl (or as they call it "like chicken but better")

Panna Cotta

We left the region and starting making our way back to Assisi, stopping in Siena. This is one of the most beautiful towns. If we ever went back again, I think this is where I would want to stay.

St. Catherine's Basilica

Piazza Del Campo with Mangia Tower and Santa Maria Church

You guessed it. More gelato.


And, the last post in this saga on Rome to follow.