Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Italy: Florence

I thought for sure I could handle up on the rest of this trip in two more posts, but no go. There's just too much. So, I'll say now ... two more posts after this one because for Pete's sake, it's Florence. It pretty much deserves its own post.

We took another early morning train to Florence, where we would spend the whole day. 

First stop off the train ... breakfast. These pictures pretty much encompassed most of the breakfasts we had in Italy. Most included pastries and salami. Yeah ... two totally opposite flavors, but when in Rome, right? Or wherever in Italy.

This also happened quite a bit ... bites taken pre-picture. (not by me, mind you)

Our first order of business was a date with Michelangelo's, David.

I fell in love with this little man outside of the Accademia.

Watch how much joy he gets from playing his accordion.  I had to slip him a euro or two.

Seeing David was breath-taking. I had no idea the statue was as large as it was and wasn't expecting to be so smitten by it. It was beautiful.

And, now for the frontal view. Because that's what most people asked about when I posted the previous picture on Instagram. Well, here he is.

We saw many more sculptures and statues.

Then there was the Duomo. Amazing! Just the massiveness of all these cathedrals was what was so breath-taking, not to mention the art inside each one.

There was a point where Beau, despite how creative and artistic his is, was arted out. Heck ... I was arted out. I needed an art break. Good thing it was time for lunch!

I longed to see the Ponte Vecchio, the old bridge in Florence. It was one of the sights I had looked forward to the most, right up there with Cinque Terre.

Even better, we were able to secure a lunch spot right overlooking the Arno River and the Ponte Vecchio. Perfection!

And, it was here that I finally decided it was time for some good old traditional spaghetti. I opted for spaghetti with fresh tomato and basil sauce. It was the best I'd ever had!

 We strolled around the rest of the day. Florence is a beauty ... a must-see if you are in Italy.

And, just before the train ride home ... what else but more pastries. And, yes, that's true Italian cannoli right there.

Next ... Tuscany/Sienna.