Thursday, November 6, 2014

Italy ... The First Post of Many - Venice

Our trip to Italy was most definitely one of the best trips we have ever taken ... maybe THE best trip .. yeah, probably so. It was simply amazing and one of the most beautiful places we've ever been ... actually probably THE most beautiful place ... yeah, pretty much.

We planned this trip for over a year ... saved up, planned our time and schedule, and anticipated. It was SO worth it!

We started in Venice and worked our way down to Rome. I've decided to put loads of pictures up from each place we visited, starting with our first stop, Venice.

It truly is a one-of-a-kind place. Romantic (even for the unromantic like me ... I try y'all, but am just awkward with that stuff) and fascinating.  Bottom line: It was just dreamy!

First pic after our 8-hour plane ride ... I was tired but ready to conquer the day even after lugging bags up and down 24 bridges and stairways while searching for our hotel. Not my most graceful moments.

We headed to St. Mark's Square first-thing.

Selfies started immediately and continued throughout the rest of the trip.

In Venice, we got lost multiple times, which they say is the thing to do ... just get lost in Venice. We stumbled upon this ... the actual church where Vivaldi was the music director. Pretty cool.

Even cooler was the fact that we heard this string ensemble play Vivaldi in Vivaldi's hometown and they were incredible!

Y'all ... the gelato is no joke. The most delicious I've ever had and there were days when gelato was consumed more than once. Shameful and delightful.

We ate breakfast in St. Mark's Square.

Then there was the gondola ride ... totally overpriced, but worth every penny. It was definitely another one of those experiences you can't pass up if you're in Venice.

Nutella was EVERYWHERE in Italy ... GIANT containers of Nutella ... Nutella crepes made in carts and little shops on the streets ... Nutella gelato, Nutella pastries, Nutella everything. Heaven for all Nutella-lovers like me!

The food in Italy was superb! Everything tasted so fresh and the flavors ... just wow! The pizza was the best I've ever eaten. This pizza we ate in Venice was my favorite pizza of the trip. But, ALL the pizza was great!

We spent two days in Venice and then rented a Fiat and started our four-hour drive to the opposite coast, to Genoa.

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Stephanie Hoffpauir said...

It looks like a great trip. I am glad all the planning and saving worked out well! :-) Have fun!!