Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Success

I waited for this day ... a day where we would spend some good family time together.

I'm not kidding. I miss family time.

Between ridiculous school and work schedules and the 54 extracurricular school activities and church stuff, I treasure EVERY moment where we can just be together ... with no real agenda and no real place where someone has to be at a certain time.

We debated over a week about what we would do as a family. And, in typical family-style, none of us could agree. So, I decided we'd each pick something we wanted to do ... four different things and we'd each sacrifice for each other. Deal.

K Belle's choice ... hair cuts. 

Yep. She took the drastic approach to hers. La Petite Belle got just a tiny trim and vowed NEVER to cut her hair that short EVER.

But, look how cute!

La Petite Belle's choice was lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. We all agreed on that one pretty easily.

Beau's choice ...  the "Guardians of the Galaxy" movie. This went against La Petite Belle's choice of "If I Stay." Thank the Lord, we got to see the former and not the latter. Teenage romance ... no thanks.

As for my choice ... well that was disregarded. I had a couple of options: 1. match all the socks together in the sock baskets (because I am a HORRIBLE sock matcher), 2. time to dust and vacuum my bedroom, or 3. finish up the laundry.

I didn't think these were horrible choices. In the end, I matched socks and did a few loads of laundry on my own. I guess that was the compromise.

Honestly, all I wanted was time together. I would've been happy doing absolutely nothing.

Now ... bring on Thanksgiving.