Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cuteness only gets you so far.

Ya'll are gonna think I'm a bad person. Actually, a horrible person.

At one time, we had this cute, precious little puppy. 

Remember him?

Yeah. He WAS cute.

He was sweet too.

But, I have come to the realization that my love is conditional. Yep. It is. At least when it comes to non-humans.

There's only so much I can take.

You pee on my floor. My feelings for you will change DRASTICALLY.

Even worse ... you poop on my floor. We. Are. Done.

You eat my stairs and my baseboards. I can barely look you in the eye anymore.

And, worst of all ... you cry and whine. I start to have mean, angry feelings toward you.

This dog was once the cutest and sweetest thing in the world. But, sadly ... his cuteness has worn off and his sweetness doesn't phase me.

Beau still says he's super sweet, but I can't get past the other things. I know ... I told you ... I'm horrible.

And, if I showed you a picture of him now ... he's not as cute anyway, so don't start feeling sorry for him.

Unfortunately, my daughters will NOT let me give the dog away ... no matter how hard I try ... asking random people at church if they want a dog ... trying to pawn him off on anyone who might take him ... I cannot do it.

K Belle has promised to run away if I get rid of him (despite the fact that she texted a pic to me last week of another cute pup and said we could get rid of Oliver if we replaced him with the new one ... ummmmmm ... yeah, she's so attached ... and we're not getting ANY more dogs!).

So ... I guess we'll be keeping him. However, I've told K Belle that we would immediately get rid of him when she moves out. Then, we argue more about how she'll never forgive me ... blah, blah, blah.

On the other hand, Roxy Belle ... just about the MOST perfect dog ever! She's put on some pounds lately and can't get her portly self up on the chair anymore without a boost, but she's just the sweetest! I confess that I let her get on the couch (which they're normally forbidden from) and hold her when Oliver's not around and then whisper to her not to tell him. Yeah ... just now and then; don't get all indignant about this.

I love how low maintenance she has become.

Makes me think I'd be better off with a cat if I didn't dislike them so much.

So, we'll keep the dog. Don't worry ... he'll receive lots of love from the others in the house and I will tolerate him until he gets his urges under control.

Confession time is over. Thank you.

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Sara@iSass said...

I snorted in my coffee! Not because I find your reality funny, but because I'm more horrible then you! Since being on my own I've had 3 dogs & 4 cats. I have kept 1 dog & 1 cat. 2 of the cats decided life outside the house was better, for them so when we moved I was unable to give a forwarding address. I'm sure their cuteness has won over some other sucker...er...loving person. The dogs, oh the dogs! One Gabby, Did not trust men. I called in a dog behaviorlist, who told me it would be a lot of work, like ALOT, to get this dog to be at best like having a child with special needs. I was a new momma, pregnant for the second time. I was not able to give any more love or time to a non-human child. I returned her.i later found out the WHOLE litter was returned. Yikes. Then there was the "digger". She dug MASSIVE HOLES in the yard, also refused to potty outside. Then the in-fighting started. She did not wish to be second dog in the house...so as I wouldn't tolerate sibling rivalry, I wasn't going to allow dog rivalry. I was able to find her a perfect home, with a nice older couple, no kids, who treated her like the queen she knew she was!
I will not have anymore cats. I am DONE. As for dogs, well maybe, just maybe. After the one we have has been gone for awhile.