Monday, August 11, 2014

This Girl

La Petite Belle has always been one of those kids who's been outspoken about her faith, even as a very young child. You know ... the one asking kids on her soccer team if they're Christians and where do they go to church, inviting kids to church, asking kids if they know about Jesus ... that sort of thing. 

When she was about five years old, she told me that all she wanted to do with her life was tell people about Jesus. She was going to be a preacher. All she needed was a sword and toilet paper. The sword for protection obviously and toilet paper for ... well ... you know. That has always been part of her plan. Well that, along with being a soccer player, hair dresser, and singer. This girl has goals.

She attended a tween camp this summer (which she wasn't totally thrilled about due to the fact of her being one of the older kids there, but she went anyway) and came home with a renewed vision. Driving in the car a day or so after her return, she said to me, "Mama, I know what God's called me to do." I responded with a "What's that?" Then, she said, "God has called me to reach my school. This is the last year I'm there and He wants me to make a difference before I leave." To which I replied, "That's awesome!" And, we began talking about how she was going to do that.

La Petite Belle has already gotten set up with a teacher who will be a sponsor for this Christian club/group at the school and she created 1,000 flyers to hand out at school to invite kids to come. The club will serve as a support/prayer/devotional group and be a place for these kids to invite their friends to so that they can hear about other kids' relationships with Jesus. And, of course ... there's food of some sort. This girl is on the ball with all her preparations. I spied her journal sitting next to her Bible on the living room side table and took a tiny peek. She had a whole devotion already written for the first meeting.

I am extremely proud of this girl. She has heard the calling of God upon her life and is actually stepping out into scary territory (we're talking public-school scary) and doing something about it. I can't wait to see what becomes of this group she's starting and how God's going to lead her in this area.

Proud Mama, right here.

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Anonymous said...

You should be so very proud...what an amazing young woman!!! God bless you all!!!