Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Already looking forward to Labor Day.

Yeah guys, that's the first break of the school year ... It's Monday, September 1st ... 20 days away if you're counting.

I don't feel ready for this. But, ready or not, my kids are back at school today.

Between camps and new jobs and sleepovers and 542 other summer activities, I didn't get nearly as much time with my kids as I wanted to have this summer. And, by new jobs, I'm meaning K Belle's ... she has a part-time job now ... retail. Yeah. Gross. Glad those days are over for me. She seems to like it so far. But, we all know the newness will wear off soon and she will loathe folding those shirts with a clipboard and straightening hangers. My only hope is that she might take some of her folding and hanging skills back home with her and put them into practice in her room. But, I'm a little pessimistic about that thought.

I want to take in every moment of this year with my girls. This is an important year for both of them ... K Belle's senior year ... and La Petite Belle's last year in junior high.

I remember both of the girls' very first days of school.

K Belle was two when we put her in a pre-school program as I got my final semester of college done by doing my student teaching. It was a hard thing. I cried when I had to say goodbye to her that first day. That was the moment I felt like the worst mom in the whole world. Any working mom out there knows exactly what I'm talking about. Eventually, I was able to teach at the very school she was at in K-3.

Look how cute she was going to K-4 ...

With La Petite Belle, it was way easier to say good-bye to at almost three years old, not because she literally cried to be away from me for about 2 years and a break was maybe a good thing (whew, that was a rough time), but only because she was with me at school while I taught too. And, so was K Belle.

And, La Petite Belle in her K-4 pic ... cutie patootie!

I've been blessed in that area as a mom for sure. The majority of the girls' childhood years I have been with them or easily available to them. I thank God for that as I sit and reflect on all those years.

Today ... as K Belle drives herself to school and parks in her own parking spot, I think I may actually have a harder time. Today is the first and the last ... first day, last year. That makes me sad and happy.

I also see that La Petite Belle is growing and maturing so quickly. She no longer needs to or wants to cling to me like she used to, always wanting to be on my hip. She's becoming independent and I see her making lots of grown-up decisions. That makes me happy and sad too.

I have to remind myself that these children are only on loan to me. That's hard to stomach. They're not mine to begin with. I've been entrusted with their lives ... to nurture them, teach them, and lead them in the way they should go. No pressure.

I pray I've taught them some life-long lessons and that the good stuff sticks. And, the bad stuff (yeah, there's some of that in every household) is forgotten. I mean ... there can't be that much bad stuff, right? Let's hope not.

Now, I just have to think of EVERYTHING I want to teach and pour into my oldest before she leaves the nest. She's gonna love those talks. She always does. Especially when I ask her about what questions she has about sex and does she really know the right stuff and does she want me to tell her the truth with details and what God thinks about these things. I ask her these things quite often. She's thrilled. 

Ok, gotta start making some notes on topics to make sure I've covered this year!