Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pay no attention to the police officers with assault rifles surrounding our home.

We were the talk of our neighborhood yesterday. 

Don't believe me? Check out our neighborhood Facebook group.

Yep. That was us.

I received a call at work from La Petite Belle. She said she thought she heard someone downstairs and it wasn't her sister or anyone who was supposed to be in the house.

K Belle had gone to a friend's house for a bit and La Petite Belle and a friend were home upstairs, starting to get ready for church.

As we were on the phone, she proceeded to tell me that she and her friend heard some loud banging downstairs, like someone banging on the door and windows and opening and shutting cabinet doors and drawers in the kitchen. The dogs were going berserk! She was convinced someone was inside the house.

She had followed our emergency protocol plan, which was any time an intruder might come in, go into our bedroom and then bathroom, lock both doors, call 911, and grab the gun.

Yep. She did it.

I told her to stay calm, after I had already called K Belle to hurry home to see what's up. Then, I told her it was probably not what she thought and she should put the gun away, which she had already put a fresh clip in. WARNING: To anyone who might want to break into our home, La Petite Belle will not hesitate to put a cap in your rear end or your head because she's actually a really good shot.

I knew K Belle was on her way and actually the friend's father was also on his way, but then I got a text from La Petite Belle saying K Belle had already called the police.


I called La Petite Belle again ... by this time she was crying and I could sense the fear in her voice. She was really terrified. Then she said, "I think I hear footsteps coming up the stairs."

Well ... that was it for me! I called 911. They had already received K Belle's call and the police were actually pulling up while I was talking to her.

They definitely wanted me to make sure La Petite Belle put the gun away, which she did. They surrounded the premises .. four of them ... with assault rifles. Nice visual for all the neighbors passing by. They checked all entries. Finally I was able to coerce La Petite Belle to go down with her friend to open the door for the police officers. They checked inside. All was clear. The only crime being committed was the condition of my dirty kitchen when the officers searched the home. Shameful and embarrassing!

I spoke with the police officer ... (they were awesome by the way and quick!) ... and he said he was glad they called and that we did the right thing. He also promised to patrol the area the next couple of days just in case there was someone banging on the doors and windows or trying to cause any trouble.

I had several mini-heart attacks throughout this experience. I was at work and not close enough to get there before the police. Generally, I feel like we live in a pretty safe neighborhood and obviously the neighbors all watch out for each other, as evidenced by the Facebook post. But, you just never know.

I did feel confident in my youngest's ability to follow protocol. She made sure the gun was ready to use if she needed it.

And, now I'm thinking we need to trade our two little dogs in for one big, ferocious dog ... well, except for Roxy Belle ... I love her so ... the other one ... ugh ... way harder for me to love ... anyone want a dog?

Now ... I'm ready for school to get started ... schedules and no more lazy days of summer nor possible intruders.