Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Well this is awkward.

Two posts in a row with titles beginning with the word "well." I debated changing the title due to this fact. But, I like the word. It gives dramatic pause (well ......... ) or tells the reader/listener that you are about to give your opinion or valuable information (well .... you know ...).

This post is neither ... not dramatic, nor containing valuable information.

UNLESS you find yourself in a similar, peculiar situation ...

Like say you've found out that you are registered on a dating website.

Yeah. Awesome news for this happily married woman.

I began to receive notifications a few months back that so-and-so would like to meet me. I ignored them, thinking they were just spam and would go away.

But, it started to get out of hand.

I started receiving multiple messages and emails EVERY DAY & STILL receive them EVERY DAY.

First off ... I NEVER signed up for such a website. Duh. Beau said, "So you're thinking of dating other men?" It was a little awkward when I told him that someone signed me up for this site. He gave me that "sssssuuuuuure they did" look on his face and thought it was pretty funny.

Well it's not funny to me! AT ALL!

I have tried everything to get off of this site. Obviously whoever set me up did it from a different email and referenced only my email for notifications. I cannot log in to even try and delete this account.

This account was set up on a Monday morning around 8:00 am, where no one in my family was home and we were all accounted for at school or work. Maybe this is just a sick joke someone is trying to play on me, but it's not really funny. It's annoying.

#1 - If I were going to cheat on my husband, I definitely would NOT go to a dating website. What kind of idiot signs up for that thinking their spouse would not find out? That's just stupid. I would be way more discreet than that. (Of course, I wouldn't do it AT ALL, seeing as I am still madly in love with my stud muffin of a husband.)

#2 - My username ... 01FallinAngle86 ... ummmmm ... I would NEVER have selected such a ridiculous name, but if I had I would have at least spelled "angel" the right way. Obviously, this person was probably born in 1986 (just assuming) and did not do well in spelling.

And, now I am on a mission to get myself REMOVED from this site. I have emailed the site multiple times ... no reply. The site has no phone number - surprise, surprise. I have Facebook messaged the company ... again, no response.

I am ready to not get daily notifications from La_Country_Boy or SeaFox200 and all the others! I am NOT AVAILABLE, guys!

So ... Maybe y'all could help me? The site is Plenty of Fish - www.pof.com.
They have Facebook here and Twitter here.

Think you could re-tweet or re-post this on their pages? That would be awesome!

You could title it: "She don't need no fish!" OR "Save my marriage!"

Please and thank you.

I mean ... look how in love we are ... Duh.