Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Y'all ... Summer is zooming by!

I have been to the pool two times. TWO! This is not enough, people. We are mid-June already. The girls go back to school in about eight weeks.

That's it! Unbelievable! And, then we're back to crack-of-dawn wake-ups and the dreaded homework checks.

And, to add insult to injury {what a horrible saying ... who insults the injured? Total jerks, that's who!} ... each of these girlies will be graduating next year. One from high school and one from 8th grade. My word! There will be lots to do and plan. This should help keep the crying to a minimum.

But ... yeah ... summer ...
Our summer is jam-packed with camps, activities, and events. We've all been busy.

But, I have a couple of goals:
1. Go to the pool more than two times.
2. Spend as much time with the girls as possible

That's all. 

Unfortunately, the girls are at that stage where they have this super-busy social schedule. And, then I'm accused of being "obsessed" or "addicted" to them because I want to spend time with them. Well, duh. Of course.

Beau and I actually have gotten quite a bit of alone time because the girls are so "busy." It's a tiny taste of what those days will be like when ... oh, you know ... I don't want to say it ... {tear}.

But, imagining a household without those two is kind of a downer.

La Petite Belle will soon get a taste of finally being the only child within the next year-and-a-half or so. You would think she'd be ecstatic, but I'm pretty sure she'll be sad without her sister here. This is the same child who never wants to leave home and wants to buy a house right next to us so that she can always be near us. While K Belle is on the other end of the spectrum and ready to hit the road and travel to one of the farthest places away ... Australia. 

Yeah ... so different.

K Belle is still job hunting. She babysits here and there and plays/sings at a couple of churches/camps and makes a little money. But, this girl needs something more. Australia is expensive. They are definitely proud of their koalas, kangaroos, and Vegemite. 

She's applied a couple of places, but, has high standards for places she'll actually work. No fast food for this girl. No grocery stores. No place she doesn't like. She's high-falutin. Whatever.

That's the down-low on life right now.

I mean ... there's a lot more ... a lot ... but ... let's wait on all that.

Let me just get through my #1 and #2 goals of summer for now.

Aw ... look at my girls at the pool so many summers ago ... {tear again} ...

Now ... you can find me at the pool this week ... well, when I'm not working or being a mommy/wife and all the other things I am ... geez ... I'll be at the pool at some point.

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sara said...

awwwwww....these miles stones can be hard for a mama's heart!!! I remember when our first left home, my middle son was so excited to be "the oldest" in the home...about a month into it, he came out on our deck one evening with his shoulders slumped and looked at me and said "I miss her". :) It was a sweet moment.

But yes, enjoy these days fully. However, remember that though they are fleeting, the ones to come are pretty awesome too!!