Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Moments I Won't Forget

I'm just coming down out of an amazing whirlwind that was the Joie de Vivre Conference this past weekend. The whole event and weekend for me was one of the best ever and there are so many moments I want to keep in my heart. I want to remember the things I heard God say to me.

First off ... I have so many passions. I really do. But, some passions are stronger than others. I answered a lot of my own questions I had on my heart when I was questioned about my passions. I came to realize that all I can do is be faithful. That's it. God will take care of the rest. Done.

That was the first thing.

Moving on ...

I heard so many times how important our choices and moments are in our lives. So, we have to choose SO carefully and not hastily, out of a place of emotion or frustration. Stay at your post. Whatever that post may be, stay there and be faithful.

Again with the "be faithful."

And, as I sat at a lengthy, wonderful lunch with one of the greatest missionaries ever, Marilyn Skinner, I was amazed at her stories and what she shared about the hard times for her. 

I listened in awe about her own faithfulness and the faithfulness of God. I felt selfish and spoiled. I felt that nothing that I was doing was hard or difficult. And, again I heard, "just be faithful and obedient."

I knew that God had a word for me this weekend. I was expecting Him to speak to me. I was open to what He had to say. There was so very much to hear from the speakers we had. But, I keep coming back to those words that kept being spoken, "be faithful and obedient."

I was extremely blessed and grateful for the company and encouragement of this woman, the lovely Helen Burns (Relate Church). She is the real deal and has a special place in my heart. I can't even tell you how much I adore her.

We even got to hear from her awesome hubby, Pastor John Burns. Wow! And, all the girls that heard him will agree. Can't wait to see them each again!

Lastly, a few years ago, I learned about Watoto and got to hear from the Watoto Children's Choir. It was literally one of the most moving experiences for me. I longed to be able to bring them to our church. Finally, my wish came true! What a great experience for our church!

Now, I'm just trying to rest a bit, but, of course, my mind is racing toward the next thing on the horizon. Until next year ...