Thursday, April 24, 2014

Exciting Stuff.

Hold on to your hat.

These are the events that have transpired since my last post. 

1. I have watched EVERY SINGLE TV SERIES on Netflix that is of any interest to me. No kidding. Every. One.
Beau and I spend most nights scrolling through Netflix and Amazon and debating on if there's anything else worth watching anymore. This usually takes an hour and then it's bedtime. So ... yeah. Depressing.

2. To make matters worse, the season finale of my favorite show, Parenthood, was last week. No Netflix and no TV. I must have to take up knitting or something. I don't even have a needle or thread. Ugh.

3. Good Friday was a day off for me and I was thankful that I got to spend it with my little family. We had lunch downtown while listening to great music. Then, we got a special tour of the Science Museum while it was closed (shhhh ... ) ... star gazing and all. It was definitely cool! Fantastic day with my peeps!

4. Easter was fantastic! My whole family, aside from me, was super involved in the church Easter production (which gave me quite a bit of nights alone ... allowing me to work late EVERY NIGHT ... hurray ... ). Beau directed, K Belle sang, La Petite Belle lip synced.

I also hid money in the Easter eggs for our hunt at my parents' house. It definitely proved for a dramatic and competitive hunt.

5. I baked a pie. A delicious pie.

Here's the recipe - Zesty Lemon Pie. It's worth a try!

6. Beau completed a forty-something-day juice fast. He lost 47 lbs. and looks incredible. I am amazed at his willpower and commitment through those days. What a hottie!

7. K Belle had an incident with several boxes of hair dye two weeks before prom. Multiple shades of pink, purple, and red ... not good. Praying for a head full of one color by next week.

I warned you. Exciting stuff. Try to contain your excitement.

I'm working on more exciting news for my next post.