Thursday, March 27, 2014

Where's Mama Belle?

Like "Where's Waldo?" .. but without the stripes because we all know horizontal stripes are not flattering.

Yes, I'm still alive and kicking. Just you know ... life.

Let me get you caught up.

First this ...

It's a busy time for me. I've got this great conference coming up that I've been prepping for for a long time. Can't believe it's almost here. If you live nearby, come on over. You can get tickets here -

So, that explains A LOT. 

But, there's been other stuff.


La Petite Belle is working on just passing 7th grade right now. It's been a very rough year adjusting to a new school and new curriculum and we've discovered new challenges with her learning style. Sweet baby girl has faced a lot of these challenges this year head-on. We've had to adjust too. Praying that she finishes strong! We love her heart and, of course, she's got that winning personality!

As we speak, K Belle, is on her way to San Antonio for a small vocal ensemble tour (which means minimal singing and lots of sight-seeing ... you know how these trips go). She's really blossomed this year. Again ... school grades ... eh, not always what I want them to be. But, musically and artistically, she has guns ablazing. In addition to her small vocal ensemble class, she was selected to be in a special talented music class, which includes a handful of others that make up this band (see video below). She's on fire with her songwriting. And, her music and vocal skillz are, of course, on point.

Here's a tiny clip because you  know everything's always too large to upload. The one with the purple hair (yeah ... I  know ... ugh), playing keys and singing ... that's my little girl.


Yeah, he's still around too. Growing skinnier by the minute. I'm amazed at his willpower, especially when I sit next to him eating gummy bears. I love this man mucho!

Work is hectic for him and we take out spare moments planning our little trip to Italy this fall. I can't even tell you how excited I am about that!


Speaking of gummy bears ...

These babies get me through the day. There's too much about my new job to even write about. Let's just say it's NOT at all what I expected and I'm dumber than I look. At times I think ... this is way beyond my brain level. But, alas ... I'm there. Praying it through as God teaches me to be thankful in all things and eating gummy bears almost every afternoon to make it through until 5:00.


Yes. I still run from time-to-time and even make it to the gym on certain days. Heck, I have to because I eat gummy bears every day. I try to be healthy 75 percent of the day. But, it's the 25 percent that's killing me. I'm just hungry. Hungry for gummy bears, not salad.


These girls have been especially close to me and keep picking me up when I fall down.

This one at work ... (when I'm not picking her up ... ;) ... she continues to tell me "you is smart") ...

And, this one not at work ... She's simply amazing and I could write a whole post about how amazing she is. She's like my own personal cheerleader and speaks some good truths to me.

There's a few other girls ... what in the world would I do without them? Geez. I'm like co-dependent.

So ... yeah ... that's where I've been. And, I'll probably be in the same place at least for the next couple of weeks. Pray for me. :)


Jammie Hudson said...

Daphne, I attended the conference and when you read the thing Saturday morning about "A Girl on Fire" and the kind of faith they express when going through trials, it really spoke to me. Can you post it?

Daphne Gaspard said...

Jammie ... I'm gonna have to hunt for that. Let me see what I can do.

Jammie Hudson said...

Thank you!