Monday, March 17, 2014

Top 'O the Morning to Ya

Yeah ... I have a certain amount of Irish in me. Scotch Irish to be specific. That's the McDaniel part of me. It's my favorite part.

This obviously makes me an expert on all things Irish.

I love St. Patrick's Day. Why? You ask.

Well ... green is my FAVORITE color. 

I wear it all the time, but today I share my love of green with the world. I will never be pinched. 
(Who came up with that lame practice and how are we all still abiding by it in this day and age?)

I will wear my green proudly today & celebrate that certain percentage of Irish in me.

But, what do I really love about Irish things?

Lucky Charms.


I don't know one single person in this entire world that dislikes Lucky Charms. If you do, I question your goodness as a person. It's magically delicious.

You know what else I love that's Irishy? Potatoes. 

What a wonderful diet that would be of Lucky Charms and potatoes. Diet perfection.

One day I have vowed to visit ye ole Ire land. I will sing "Danny Boy" while watching flocks of sheep graze in green pastures. Yes, it will happen.

But, until then ... I will celebrate this Irishness here in the states on this very holiday. I will gaze on things like this.

She's got a smidge of Irish in her too.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

And, if you want to know the REAL story about this holiday, go here and read about St. Patrick and why he was celebrated. It's quite interesting and has nothing to do with wearing green or pinches.


Lucy Robin said...

Now I'm hungry for lucky charms and potatoes! Oy!

Lucy Robin said...
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