Monday, March 10, 2014


And, I ain't talkin' about the weather, y'all.

I'm using this word that we use A LOT in the Christian arena.

For example ... "It's just the season that I'm in ... " or "It's not my season right now"... " or "When I was in that season ..."

We overuse this word. I overuse this word.

But, I so get it. And, I don't know another word for it.

Because, I, myself am in a strange season.

But, as I think about what that means, I have come to realize that we are the ones who change more than our "seasons" do. God moves us from one place to the next, this thing to that thing, and as He's doing that, He's the One changing us, molding us to be what He's longed for us to be all this time.

WE change.

I am DEFINITELY not who I was at 18, fresh out of high school without a care in the world. I'm also not who I was at 23, a young newlywed who was ga-ga over her new husband (but I still kinda am ... wink, wink, ... I just can't help it). I'm also not who I was at 26, a new mom who obsessed over her baby girl being on a schedule, while I was finishing college at the same time. I'm definitely not who I was at 30, a mom of two kiddos, with her life totally devoted to them. I'm not even who I was at 33, a full-time working mom, trying to balance it all.

If I'm honest, I'm not even who I was last year, because God is constantly changing me.

But, this is a good thing. Because He's changing me to be more reliant on Him, to be more unselfish ... which ... sheesh ... that's a hard one. I never realized how selfish I really could be until now.

So, as these seasons change, we MUST change too. It's just the way it works. 

A tree must lose its leaves in the fall. A flower can't stay in bloom through the winter.
That's just the way it is.

We MUST be the ones that change. The seasons were really always there, always coming and going, and they will continue to do so, just as God planned.

But, we have to change with these seasons. That's the whole point of growth.

What happens when we don't change?
The seasons just get harsher, longer, and harder to get through.

So, I WILL change. I will change with every season, just as God intended.
It may not be easy. But, I welcome the change in me.

Funny how we can sing and pray for God to change us, use us, mold us, but when He actually starts to do it, we reject it. Been there, done that. Yeah, it's hard, but God's changing of us proves that we are still usable, still willing, still surrendered.

And, now all I can think of is this ... why, oh, why ...

Yeah ... it's just how my brain works, y'all. Go with it.

In and out of whatever season I'm in or you're in, I love that we can be confident that the change He brings only draws us closer to His heart and our purpose.