Monday, February 10, 2014

The Car

The biggest news of the last week or so is that K Belle got a car .{gasp}

I know.

This little girl .... 
(some of the first pics I ever posted of her when I started this blog)

is driving.

Crazy, huh? Also scary and exciting.

It has turned all of our lives around, for the better, of course. Guess who can now make ice cream runs or pick up her sister and tote her around? Yep. K Belle.

She is absolutely in love with her car!

Look how cute it was sitting in the parking lot of church yesterday morning? Aww ... it's just too precious. What's even more precious is seeing Beau driving it around town. Priceless.

My first car was a Ford Festiva. Many of you probably don't even know what that was. I think they made it a year or so. And, of course, I wrecked it one rainy Louisiana day on slippery streets. 

Look how cute and vintage it looks now.

Gosh. Looking at it, it's like I'm a million years old. Someone's about to pop out of that car with a bottle of Coca-Cola and feathered bangs.

Then I wrecked some other car I can't remember. Some kind of Toyota I think. Maybe a Civic. And, by wrecking it I mean ... almost died. Me versus 18-wheeler ... not good. I ended up hitting a culvert and totaling car number dos.

Car number three was ... hold onto your hat ... a Toyota Corona with no air conditioning. A CORONA. Bet you didn't know that was not a just a beer, huh? Yeah, no air conditioning in Louisiana summers was not fun.

Yeah ... this was the Corona.

And, then I married Beau, love of my life, and my car life became more beautiful, with air conditioning and all. I was in heaven!

I'm praying for a long life of this little bug with lots of cold air conditioning!