Monday, January 27, 2014

Winner, Winner, King Cake Dinner!

Today's the day! I was particularly thrilled to pull this lady's name, and here's why:

Funny how I've kept this message on my phone since the very first day of school for my girls. Sharon Richardson taught each of my girls in 6th grade and additional classes for K Belle in 7th and 8th grade. She remains to be both of my girls' favorite teacher (and La Petite Belle gives a disclaimer that she's tied with her K-3 teacher, Mrs. Avery) and we've had some really great teachers throughout the years. But, sometimes, certain teachers click with certain kids. Just the way it is. Well, Sharon definitely clicked with mine.

The above text shows the truly caring, wonderful woman of God that she is. This was received the day La Petite Belle was going to a new school and K Belle was going into her junior year. She obviously didn't have to do that. She would never teach them again nor see us like she did before. I think I kept it in my phone just to remind myself of what an amazing woman of God looks like. I've seen it in her throughout the years.

Now, you can see why I'm so excited to be able to deliver this cake to this great lady! She actually deserves way more than a king cake for what she does.

Congrats, Sharon! Thanks for faithfully following my blog through this years and investing in the lives of my children and me! I'll be in touch!

To all of you who entered, liked, and shared, THANKS! I appreciate you!

Until next year ...