Wednesday, January 29, 2014

We're NEVER going to agree.

Because we've been "snowed" in, I've been on my computer more than normal and am being bombarded with the Grammy drama. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about ... Queen Latifah officiating same-sex weddings, along with other weddings between heterosexuals.

And, now I see another link posted about more same-sex marriages being officiated at other major events, like this is going to be the norm.

You know what? We get it. We get what you're trying to prove.

But, I have a news flash for you ... we will not EVER agree on this issue. NEVER. EVER.

Christians will not suddenly change their views on the issue of homosexuality nor will they accept same-sex marriage, no matter what stunts or attempts are made to MAKE us accept it. Not gonna happen. 

I am a Christian and have no contempt or hatred for homosexuals. I see this whole issue as irreconcilable differences.

Here are the very simple facts:

1. Just as God loves homosexuals; Christians love homosexuals. (at least they're supposed to)
2. God condemns homosexuality; Christians condemn homosexuality.
3. Christians will not be "tolerant" of anything that goes against God. (this is perceived as "hate" against the homosexual community, but it's not.)
4. God grants grace; Christians grant the same grace. (again ... they should.)

So, a note to all those who are on this mission to "convert" us or or make us "accept" same-sex marriage ... save your breath. You can scream as loud as you want, push it as hard as you can, but it won't change a thing for us.

The question remains .... how can we get past this? What's the next step in all this? If we're not going to "accept" either side, then what's the future going to look like for us? A world of hate or a world of love?

As I see it, this all boils down to one thing ... understanding.
Just like the homosexual community wants Christians to understand them, Christians want the homosexual community to do the same.

Understand that we don't view homosexuality as a greater sin, but if you choose to identify yourself as a Christian, then you have to align yourself with Christ and the beliefs represented in the Bible. I won't get into theology and all the different instances and references from Scripture that go against homosexuality. (Go here for just 28 Scriptures.) It's quite obvious, just as it is about multiple issues we face in the world today ... adultery, divorce, murder ... and the list goes on.

Also, understand that we don't think we're any better than anyone else. This is a common misconception ... that because we're Christians, we condemn everyone else and think we're the stuff. Wrong again. We too are sinners. So, we do not condemn anyone. We only try and live our lives in a way that would honor God.

Now for the disclaimer ... Christians are by no means perfect. There are those who would try to speak for the entire Christian community who don't reflect the true meaning of love presented in the Bible. There are those that do express hate toward the homosexual community and claim to follow Christ. This is wrong.

So, homosexual community ... do not take our disagreement as a sign of non-love for you. We love you. God loves you. Period.

But, understand this ... just as we would not support ANY other lifestyle that would go against God, we cannot support yours. 

The media and others would try and chastise someone like Natalie Grant, a CHRISTIAN recording artist, for leaving the Grammy's early because she doesn't support what's going on. She's a Christian. She stood up for what she believes in just as others with opposing views stand up for what they believe in.

And, Christians, we should not expect those that disagree with our values and our faith to live a life that we agree with. That would be dumb.

So, I'm afraid this issue, just as it has for decades will remain an issue, and will go on and on and on.

But, as Christians we MUST love.


Sara@iSass said...

Well spoken! (Written)
Amen sister.

Aspiemom said...

Agree! I am so tired of them trying to force their lifestyles on us. Putting it in our faces and our children's faces.