Friday, January 24, 2014

Another major life event missed.

You know those moms that take a picture for every single event that happens in their child's life?

Unfortunately, I am not one of them.

Don't get me wrong ... I take pictures. A lot of pictures. They just aren't always pictures of significance.

There have been those times ... multiple times when people took pictures with actual cameras and not phones (long ago) ... and I was that mom that forgot her camera.


I was the one who leaned over to the mom next to me during one of the ten million school programs I've had to endure (and when I say "endure" I mean ENDURE sitting through everyone else's child's song/poem/memory verse/pledge waiting to just see my own child) and asked if she could get some pictures of my kid while she's snapping away and then email them to me. 

It's not like I love my child any less than the next mom, but obviously, the other moms have way more brain power. I, at times, am limited.

There was a moment within the last month where K Belle got the long-awaited driver's license. Yep. Buuuuuuuut, I have no picture. 

In my defense, I was not the one that took her to get her license. That person shall remain anonymous.

But, I do have this one from when she got her permit. Let's pretend it's her license.

Let's also pretend that her hair is not blondish anymore.

While I am so happy that she does finally have this little piece of plastic in her wallet, I do not ride with her. I simply cannot handle the stress and want to live a long life. 

I asked La Petite Belle how her sister's driving's been and if she feels safe. Her answer, "Eh."

Beau has no problems with it and says she's doing great. Next step ... a car of her own.

No major life events missed lately for La Petite Belle. She's just adjusting to being 13, which I guess you could say is a major life event in itself. And, then there's middle school ... yuck.

She came home this week and told me a girl threatened to fight her because she accidentally spilled some of her milk on the girl while she was getting up from eating. Uh ... what? Girl, you need to calm down.

I was proud of how La Petite Belle didn't engage and went and told her school counselor. Bravo!

I feel like I'm seeing signs of maturity coming out in this girl. I love her heart for people. As I type this, she's texting friends to invite them to her youth group service.

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Tricia @ The Domestic Fringe said...

Your girls are beautiful and it's been fun watching them grow and mature through your blog. It's funny how when we all began blogging our kids were little. Now, they are teenagers. So crazy!