Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Future in Law Enforcement and a Hairy Beast

This is the extent of excitement in my life as of now. Quite disappointing.

La Petite Belle loves to shoot. Who knew?

She begs her daddy to take her shooting. I, on the other hand, simply tolerate the shooting lessons because I know I MUST know how to shoot this gun if I needed to. Oh, and I will ... just try me. K Belle refuses to learn how to shoot and has game-planned to just give the gun to La Petite Belle if an intruder should ever enter the house. La Petite Belle is ridiculous with this thing. Great aim!

She said, "Daddy, I know we got the gun for personal protection, but when can we actually shoot something, like a deer?" This girl is ready to shoot SOMETHING. My gosh. She's the Bonnie-half of Bonnie and Clyde. Sheesh.

I see law enforcement in her future or maybe professional hunter. Is that a thing?

On the opposite end of the spectrum ...

K Belle posted this on the bathroom door last night - 

She hadn't shaved her legs since her homecoming dance IN OCTOBER, people. Who is she? I would never raise a child to be like this. In her defense, she has blonde leg her. That's something to be envious of, for sure.

Then, she sends me this text from upstairs and says, "You can put this on your blog if you want." She knows how desperate I am for material apparently.

She was on a "dangerous mission" as stated in a previous text.

Another exciting few days in the Belle household. Try to contain your excitement.