Monday, November 11, 2013

Everyone's life should be described with bullet points.

  • I have entered hibernation-mode, meaning I stay inside and eat. (Obviously, I don't think you understand that since I just explained what hibernation means to you. How insulting.) Running has taken a backseat to the new job and life changes.
  • Due to the previous bullet point, I have become a little fluffier. I am uncomfortable and poofy.
  • I will begin my 4th week of good intentions today. Fingers crossed that I remember how to run.
  • K Belle went from blonde to red-head this week. I'm very pleased, considering her other choice was gray. Yeah ... weird. Who dyes their hair gray? All the women in the world trying to cover their gray hair and mine wanted all of hers gray. I simply do not understand.
  • Speaking of eating ... We hit The Melting Pot this weekend. I died a little bit after I had the white chocolate creme brulee fondue. I'm thinking this thought ... bear with me ... WHY would God make food so delicious if He didn't want us to eat it? He could've made it taste horrible, right? Skinny for life! 
  • I also finally discovered Trader Joe's Speculous Cookie & Cocoa Swirl ... die again. On hot toast, is the best ... so that it melts just a tad ... die three times. 

  • The dogs ... ugh ... I'm having issues with the both of them. Roxy has found a hole and bolts to it at every moment she gets outside, creating a huge muddy mess on her entire face and feet. THE NERVE! You'd swear she was a stray. Oliver ... is just annoying. He's housebroken UNTIL La Petite Belle leaves her bedroom door open and then it's like a blinking neon sign saying, "POO HERE! POO HERE!" He's weird. Just when I feel like I have no more patience with them ...
  • La Petite Belle finished volleyball strong, despite it not being a great season for her team. She tried out for soccer, but was disappointed that she didn't make it this year. Taking a year off turns out was not a great idea. Now, she wants to play recreational soccer in the spring. Just when I thought those days were over ...
  • On a different note (no pun intended), K Belle has a solo in her high school choir's fall show. She didn't audition the first-go-around because she didn't really want to do it, but then after Mama gave her a little push, she auditioned during the follow-ups and got it! So proud and can't wait to hear her. She's playing guitar too. Strange since I didn't even know she could play guitar. Her room is filled with instruments ... keyboard, guitar, bass ... I guess if she gets tired of one, she picks up another.
  • I got a new (used) car. This week the back of the passenger seat fell off. And, yesterday, the driver's seat side did the same. Imagine my disappointment. Thank God I have a man that can fix such things!
  • Since my new job, my weeks have been going by so quickly. Hence, my one blog post last week. Y'all ... I'm swamped. No kidding. Every weekend since I've started, I've had things gong on. I haven't been able to get a full week's worth of laundry done yet. I long for some days off soon. Come on, Thanksgiving!
  • Maybe I'll have another blog post this week.


thirstysouthernsoul said...

Don't we all get "fluffier" around this time? ;-)

Sara@iSass said...

What's wrong with fluffy and poofy? Frankly they sound better then boney and waif. Or (cringe) lithe.