Monday, October 7, 2013

The Night She's Waited For

La Petite Belle is not so little anymore. When I started this blog years ago, this is what she looked like:

Yep. December of 2007.

Look how cute she was {tear}.

And here's a pic from her Daddy/Daughter Date last night:

{another tear}

This littlest Belle is 13 now ... which opens up a whole new aspect of fun in the Belle household. 
(Pray for me.)

Yessiree ... two teenage girls under one roof. 

Both good and bad come with this.
Good ... We all wear basically the same size, which gives us a huge wardrobe to choose from.
Bad ... Fights ensue when one teenager goes into another teenager's closet without asking.

Good ... We all now have phones, creating easier communication.
Bad ... When in a group text with said teenage girls, you become caught in the middle of text-arguing over things like shoes and deodorant.

Good ... Mom & Dad can go on dates without hiring babysitters.
Bad ... When Mom & Dad are on dates, they get texts about what TV shows can be watched and whether or not one of the girls can eat popcorn and that she's saying "you're not the boss of me."

Good ... We can all sit and watch TV shows besides Dora, the Explorer or The Wiggles.
Bad ... We can't hear the dialogue on said TV show over the chit chat of these two teens.

Good ... Finally these girls get jokes and their parent's hilarious humor.
Bad ... Now, these girls can dish out even more humor than we ever imagined sometimes at their parents' expense.

Case in point:
La Petite Belle's Instagram pic from last night's date ... Notice her description.

Each year of your child's life has it's blessings and challenges. I've absolutely enjoyed aspects of every age and am grateful for the beautiful lives and plans I get to see unfolding before my eyes! Thank you God for the opportunity and privilege You've entrusted me with.

Happy Birthday, my beautiful young teenager! I love you!

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The Hat Chick said...

Seriously LAUGHED OUT LOUD at her insta-caption!