Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I'll take Door #3, please.

That's how we feel sometimes when we're not sure which way God is leading us.

We can feel like we're randomly picking a door, knocking on it, and then anticipating what's behind it. Because there is always SOMETHING behind it.

It could be a brand new car or a year's supply worth of pudding. But we won't know unless we open it and walk through it.

Sometimes it's hard to see which one is the right door. It sure would be easier if we saw inside the door and down the hallway and inside each room and the back exit before we opened it.

But, unfortunately, we can't. That's when that trusting-God thing comes in.

Beau and I have been praying for a very long time ...years in fact ... for God to open a door for us in the way of financial freedom.

We're getting to an age now, or actually, we're passed the age when we must really focus on the things to come ... our future, our girls' futures. And at the speed they're growing up, we don't have much time. Next year, K Belle will be a senior in high school. A senior, I tell ya'! Frightening and exciting! She has some big dreams and goals that we want to be able to help her with.

Not only that, we want to be equally ready for the spectacular dreams that I'm sure La Petite Belle will have! I mean ... of course you can be a soccer star, famous singer, and hairdresser at the same time ... Duh!

So, with all this in mind ... I stepped through a huge open door last week. A door that is also scary and unfamiliar.

I am leaving my full-time job at the church in the media department to work at a real estate title company. Yep. Quite a change, huh?

While I'll still be involved in the ministry ... continuing to head up Joli women's ministry (which I've got renewed excitement for) and be a part of the worship team ... I won't be there full-time like I am now. So strange for me.

I'm also entering an area I'm totally unfamiliar with. I'm afraid they may call me the "new dumb girl" in the office. But, I'm praying I pick up all that real estate/lawyer lingo quickly or at least have the ability to look like I understand. Fake it 'til you make it!

Not only is this a huge change for me and my work environment, but for my family, especially Beau who sees me every day. Now, he'll have to settle for evenings and weekends. Gosh! He already can't take his hands off me. What is this going to cause?! ;)

But, we are all incredibly excited to see what is actually inside and at the end of this door for my family and me.

I have no idea what God's doing with this. Zero. Because honestly, I did think I'd stay full-time media assistant forever. Or at least full-time somewhere at the church forever.

But, I do know that God is faithful and I trust Him in this season, just as I've trusted Him in the last season and the season that is to come!

Thank you, God, for this amazing opportunity to be a blessing to my family! Now, please don't let me look stupid. Thanks, Lord!