Thursday, October 31, 2013

Adventures at the Gynecologist's Office

Yes, ... the good old gynecologist's office .... not really a place where you want to have an adventure is it? I think not. I would like my visits to the gynecologist to be pretty uneventful. I'd actually prefer dull.

I just so happen to be visiting my doctor in her new office this week. It was time for the dreaded check-up. Ugh. But, honestly, I'd take this kinda visit any day over a trip to the old dentist. Gynecologist visits are short and the "uncomfortable" part lasts approximately five seconds, 10 tops. In and out in no time (Pun intended. Ha! I kill myself). Dentist visits ... well, you know ... FOR. EVER. And, if you have a cavity ... even longer and painful.

So, on this hoping-for-non-eventful visit, I walk into my doctor's office to find one of my brand-new bosses sitting in the waiting room with his lovely wife. They're expecting a baby very soon. But, I don't think you really want to run into your boss at the gynecologist's office. I mean ... of course, he knows I have a gynecologist and that I have female parts to match my femaleness, but ... he's my boss ... new boss. Up-side was I got to talk to his precious wife. So, I guess that was a good thing!

I was finally called back, where, after I had disrobed, and stepped up on that stupid scale so the nurse could get my weight, she mentioned that she recognized me from church ... "one of the singers that sings on stage." 


Not only does this lovely girl know my weight, but she's about to know a whole lot more about me!

She proceeds to ask me all the private, detailed medical history questions they like to ask. I think she may know more about me than my closest friends do.

Soon after, my doctor comes in. It's time for my exam.

Yay. The nurse gets to stand behind the doctor during the exam. Not only does this girl know my weight and full medical history, but now she's seen me naked. Actually, not just naked ... more than naked. She's seen parts beyond naked.

Once the exam was over, I told her that she was now my new BFF since she knew EVERYTHING about me and that I hoped she could look at me in the same way she did before she saw me in all my glory. Well ... I'm not sure "glory" is the right word ... but you get my point.

I have decided I want to know absolutely NO ONE when I go to the gynecologist. NO. ONE. I don't want to see a friend, a relative, much worse, an acquaintance or co-worker. This is my private time, people. I don't need intrusions.

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sara said...

Oh I needed this laugh today!!! the only thing worse is seeing your gynecologist at a restaurant and having to greet him.