Monday, September 9, 2013

Just Dance

I'm not sure if it was me who created a love of dance in my little family or if it's just something in our blood. But, each member of my family has got moves. Real good moves. Combine those skillz with their genuine love of dancing and you've got some really fun times in the Belle household and beyond. We are definitely a dancing family!

My girls dance non-stop and they are pros at "Just Dance" ... every edition. Both the girls, but mainly La Petite Belle, will break out in spontaneous dance quite frequently. But, it's the best when Beau does it.

My girls are obviously appalled by their parents' dance moves, which are not really that bad, if I do say so myself. But, they still invite us to dance with them. I think they secretly love our dancing.

This weekend was full of dancing.

La Petite Belle went to her first dance ... a 7th-grade dance, mind you. I know, I know ... when did 7th-grade include dances? Well, apparently they do now.

I was a bit wary at first because even K Belle hasn't been to one dance yet and she's a junior. But, after I found out all the information, I felt perfectly safe in sending La Petite Belle to this one.

It was really all about having fun and hanging out with friends, not about any boy-girl hook-ups or dancing together (which she had already been warned that that shouldn't happen). Actually, when Beau asked her what she would do if a boy asked her to dance, she said, "kick him in the shin." Nice. Not the most appropriate response, but she gets the idea.

The dance was from 7-9 ... two hours long. That's it! And, the parents had to sign them in and out. Girls danced in a huge group while most of the boys just sat in the bleachers. Good times, huh? Sounded like your typical wedding reception to me.

Worst part about it was that it was two hours in an un-airconditioned gym. Gross. La Petite Belle was drenched in sweat when I picked her up. She had no desire to dance with any boys. It was all about fun for her and I thought that was totally appropriate for a girl her age.

Girls like to dance. It's just a fact.
Even as grown women, we like to do the same. Who needs boys to dance with? We can dance all by ourselves and have a blast! Actually I think it's more fun without the boys!

But La Petite Belle wasn't the only one who danced this weekend, I had my turn too.

A few of us got to perform a quirky, funny song & dance number at the beginning of church service. And, I now remember why I always wanted to be on Broadway. So fun! I even got to do two lifts ... not one ... count 'em ... two! I was concerned I would crush the guy under me at any moment, but he survived and so did I.

Actually ... the real dancers did most of the dancing and made the two goofballs in the middle look good! Thanks, guys!

Maybe I'll post the video ... maybe ... just maybe ... depends on how ridiculous I look in it.