Monday, June 24, 2013


I feel like I've been writing on this topic, speaking on this topic, reading about this topic, and meditating on this topic for years. I've written multiple blog posts about it so if you've been here reading over the years, you're probably thinking "yeah, you've already done this." Sorry. Here it is again because I always have new thoughts or experiences with this topic ... unfortunately.

Funny how it seems to come up. But, this time, not in my own life but I see it rearing its ugly head in the lives of my daughters.

I hate that. Because I see it here and there. I address it immediately. But, then it still comes up again.

I've been pondering this question: 
Can a parent make sure that his/her child will not have to deal with issues of self-worth or identity or value?

And, my conclusion is this: No.

Parents can do everything right. They can teach them all the right things. They can spend their lives loving and praising their children. They can share the Word of God with them and all it says about their worth. They can pray for them. They can do it all!

But, in the end, I've come to realize, that ultimately God is in control. A parent can't MAKE a child believe anything. All a parent can do is teach them and train them in the the right way just like the Scripture says ... you know it ... "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is older, he will not depart from it." (Prov. 22:6) God's Word is true and this is the promise we must stand on and believe. 

We must keep in mind that each child is created uniquely by God. As parents, all we can do is help to develop what He's already placed in them. Your children have a mind of their own. It's our job as parents to do all the right things, then pray for the best.

Again, ultimately God is in control. And, His promises are true.

There are things that our kids just have to figure out for themselves. We can't make them. We can't figure it out for them. They have to do it!

I want my girls to be secure ... secure in who God's created them each to be. NO. MATTER. WHAT. No matter what may happen in their lives. No matter what circumstances may come. No matter what people may say about them. No matter what they may feel. I want them to not question their worth or importance to God.

Goodness gracious! If our children, especially our daughters, could learn this early on, they wouldn't have to deal with so many of the issues we have dealt with as twenty, thirty, and even forty-something-year-old women.

So, what's my point from this whole post? Great question.

I don't know. I don't have it all figured out. All I know is watching your children not see how amazing and valuable they are is painful. My goal, as a mom, is to continue to encourage godly thoughts and fill their minds full of God's truth. That's what we have to do as parents.

Thank God for His love and the value He places on us. 
He is where we find our worth and nowhere else.