Thursday, June 13, 2013

My 75-Year-Old Daughter

K Belle is quite unique in her style. Always has been. From the time she was two years old and rocked her pink tutu with nothing under it while wearing her daddy's shoes to the countless times she pranced around in only undies or princess dresses with no undies. Even at Christmas time, she wore Barney undies with a light-up reindeer headband singing, "Look, I'm a reingoat; I'm a reingoat."

She's always been a free spirit. We encouraged that in her and still encourage her to be herself! We, of course, think she's totally cool.

I must say that she is definitely "an old soul."

She likes to go to bed early and eat cereal at night. She also doesn't like to miss her TV shows and is a total homebody.

But, nothing screams "old lady" more than the clothes that she tends to pick out.

She and I take regular trips to Goodwill and other thrift stores. She is in heaven in these places.

For her birthday next month, she asked for a record player and a typewriter. Huh?

And the clothes she picks out at these stores are horrendous.

Here's a shirt she wanted desperately while we were there yesterday.

I refused to get it for her, of course. I mean, I have to draw the line on some things. I'm pretty sure I saw this shirt worn by Sophia on an episode of The Golden Girls. Hideous.

You should have seen some of the other doozies she picked out.

I allowed a few things, despite the fact that, one of the shirts is a "Bobbie Brooks", looks like scrubs, made of polyester, and has potted plants and birdhouses on it. It was better than the previous shirt for sure.

And, yes, that is a daisy cardigan underneath. She did score a pair of loose-fit Ann Taylor Loft pants though that are pretty cute.

She takes these items and pairs them with her cute "mall" clothes and makes them work most of the time. I must go on record though and say that I hate ... I mean, HATE ... the high-waisted Mom shorts from the eighties and nineties that are back. Hate them. She has a couple of those. Boo!!

But, I did find this little gem that I was dying to buy. I wanted it in my closet just for fun! But, alas, I did not get it, even though it was only $40.

The possibilities for this coat are endless!

I even think K Belle would have wanted to borrow it. Maybe. Or she'd probably just stick with her daisy sweater.