Monday, May 20, 2013

The Roomie

I've had lots of different roommates from my college years to those years before I was married.

All my experiences have been positive. I never had a roommate that I had trouble living with, which is why I think being newly married was not that huge of an adjustment for me. It's probably because I'm so easygoing and flexible. {wink}

It's so funny that I would have such an easy time living with other people seeing as I am an only child. You would think it would be quite the opposite. It must be the deep longing for siblings that I always had. Who knows.

But, our little family has a roommate.

We will call her Laurie Belle because we consider her a part of our family now that she's here.
(She's on Medifast as you can see.)

Laurie Belle is staying with us for the summer. She's an incredible friend to me and we have made a pact to still be great friends once the summer's over. People have said things like "are you sure you guys will still be friends after this?" or "are you guys gonna be able to live with each other?" To which we both respond with laughter. Duh. Of course we will. We're friends and being friends goes way deeper than any type of disagreement we might have. Just because two people have strong personalities doesn't mean they can't live together. I know many couples who each have strong personalities and their marriages are successful ... HELLO ... Beau and I are one of them.

The idea that people who are similar and have similar personalities and demeanors can't live together or be together is absurd. Beau and I do have differences, but lots of similarities.

Laurie Belle's first weekend here = Success!

I love how my family was so willing to welcome her in as one of us without any hesitation. It showed me how good their hearts really are.

Laurie Belle ... it's gonna be a great summer, not just for us, but for you too!