Monday, May 27, 2013

No more pencils, no more books!

Well ... sort of.

I have never been so happy that school is finally out. It has been one tough year for La Petite Belle. Thanks for the prayers and encouragement ... she passed math by the skin of her teeth.

So, although summer is here, the math does not end so I guess there will still be some books and pencils. Starting that girl from scratch through the summer. I mean, I didn't get this education degree for nothin'. At least, I can teach basic math skills.

La Petite Belle will be attending a new school in the fall so we're a bit nervous about that. She was accepted into the performing arts academy at a nearby middle school that feeds into the same high school K Belle is attending. She's also in the same arts area as K Belle ... theatre (which she's quite good at). She's never been shy or found it hard to make friends. We're just praying that the friends she does make are the right ones and that she becomes a leader, not a follower. This is her usual character, but middle school can be quite challenging.

Summer holds a lot for all of us. Re-teaching math principles is just one small part of it.
La Petite Belle also has multiple camps she's attending.

K Belle will finally be taking driver's ed and getting her permit to drive. She's already begging us for a car despite the fact that she won't really be able to get her license until the fall. All her life she's told us that the car that she wants is a Volkswagen bug. And, of course, there's a shiny red one at a lot near our house. 

Her daddy and I are trying to convince her that no air conditioning will be brutal in the miserable summer heat of southern Louisiana. I did it twenty-some-odd years ago and arrived everywhere red-faced and glistening. Thank God we still have time to talk some sense into this child.

And, do you realize how expensive insurance is when your teenager drives? Gee whiz! K Belle will be finding a part-time job for sure.

She finished out the school year strong. This child is brilliant with standardized tests and final exams. She also lettered in choir and we're waiting on results from her audition for small vocal ensemble for next year. She's also planning on returning to swim team.

K Belle will also be busy and earning a little extra money this summer lifeguarding at a summer camp for a month. She'll be gone almost the whole month of July. My baby girl is growing up. {tear} Can't believe she's going to be a junior this fall. {more tears}

So, alas ... School is out for La Petite Belle and we will be spending today at the pool, while poor K Belle has three more days and a couple of finals.

Thankful that summer is officially starting for at least one of the girls.