Tuesday, May 28, 2013

High Expectations

For some sad, little reason, this is exactly how I see my summer going.

Pi. ti. ful.
{yet hilarious}

This is precisely the reason I try to keep my expectations low. That way I'm never disappointed.

What a yucky thought pattern. But, yes, I have thought that way from time to time. I have to watch myself. This thinking does not honor God. It's not how we're supposed to think.

We're supposed to expect the best! And, sometimes I do!

But, let's be honest, sometimes ... I just don't. (Sorry to shock & disappoint all of you.)

My alma mater's founder's motto was "Expect a miracle!" (Oral Roberts)
And, I do ... for other people. But, for myself, it's a little bit harder.

Do I always believe that God wants good stuff for me?
Honestly ... I do believe He wants good stuff for me, but I also tend to believe that I bind His hands by stuff I've done or not done. That's another wrong thinking pattern.

I judge myself way harsher than you all do. So, thanks for your help with that, but I've already got it covered. I'm sure you all do the same. Everyone's their own toughest critic.

God's blessings are not bound by our actions. He's way bigger than any mistake we've made or any issue we have. Seriously, the audacity of us?! When we think this way, we're saying we have the power over God's blessings or non-blessings in our lives. He's bigger than that!

As a father or mother, we bless our children despite their mistakes. Do their actions come with consequences? Of course. Just like ours do. But, that doesn't mean we love them any less, or want something bad to happen to them to teach them a lesson, or don't want to bless them anymore. Why would we think that of our own perfect Heavenly Father?

Crazy, huh? But, we do.

I know God's on my side and He's looking out for me. I get it!
I do try to look on the bright side. I really do.
But, sometimes reality just slaps me square in the face. I know it does you too.

When that happens, I cling to the only truths I know:

1. God is my Father.
2. God loves me.
3. God is good.
4. I can trust Him.

That's it. The end. No discussion needed.

Wow. To think this post started out as just the funny way I thought my summer would turn out. Way to ramble there, Mama Belle, and turn it into something not funny.

Thanks for not expecting much when you come here. ;)