Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dinner Time

We eat as a family at the table most nights.

Now, there are those nights that not all family members are home, but we make EVERY effort to come together as many nights as we can.

Although there are also those days that I want nothing more than a plate of food on my lap while I watch an episode of "Parenthood." Yessiree Bob!

Beau hates that. HATES.

He MUST always eat at a table. Always. I've never seen him not eat at a table. It's a prerequisite for his meals. He's so fancy.

Coming together every night as a family to eat a meal inspires so many thoughts and conversations. It's a time to connect and share about our day and the days to come.

There are many moments of laughter and even moments of tears that have occurred at the table. The laughter I enjoy. The tears over eating vegetables or due to sassy mouths I do not. There are even moments of 20 questions, mostly by La Petite Belle. She's quite inquisitive, sometimes to a fault. She says she's "just curious." There are all kinds of conversations that go on here.

Last night, Beau made this statement to La Petite Belle in reference to pulling up her math grade:
"The odds are stacked against you."

So sad. But true.
{I need you all to band together and pray with me for a math miracle!}

To which La Petite Belle replied:
"But, Daddy, what about the evens?"

She just doesn't get it sometimes. But, boy, does she bring joy to our table.


BaronessBlack said...

Praying for La Petite Belle's maths grade. And thinking about the odds (and evens). I failed my Maths GCSE (exams at 16) twice and only got it on the third attempt (at my school you carried on re-taking it until you got a C grade or above!), but despite that went on to be a croupier in a casino for 18 months. I had a brilliant trainer who taught me that a lot of maths is all about memory.
If La Petite Belle is at all competitive have you tried introducing her to card games like blackjack(twenty one), cribbage, gin rummy, even scrabble - they're all really good at developing mental arithmetic.
I know that I didn't get properly interested in maths until I left school, so she has my commiserations! :-)

the domestic fringe said...

So great!

We have a kid with the Math odds stacked against him too. I think I'll choose to count on the evens with your girl. ;-)