Tuesday, May 7, 2013

An Entire Post on Nutella and a Bit of Mommy Wisdom

There is a love in our house.

It is the pure deliciousness of Nutella ... a creamy hazelnut spread created with roasted hazelnuts, milk, and the best part, cocoa.

If you haven't tried it, you are missing out!

In fact, when there is a jar in the house, dissension occurs between the children. This involves arguing over "who ate ALL the Nutella" and measuring the depth of the Nutella left in the jar, which then involves the discussion of who ate more and who gets the last bit.

Totally. Annoying.

The elder child even resorted to hiding the last bit of Nutella at the top of the pantry behind the sugar and flour. Little did she know, that the younger one would discover it anyway.

All this bickering caused me to put the Equal Distribution Policy in place. This same policy has been put in place for Pepperidge Farm Goldfish.

One Nutella jar, divided into thirds and labeled ... that's how this works.

Now no questions or bickering. Everyone knows how much they have and can make preparations accordingly.

Now back to the awesomeness of Nutella ...

My favorite way to eat it is right off the spoon. Second favorite ... spread on a warm piece of toast.

Hoping my third favorite will be one of these that I've pinned, hoping to one day actually make them. Pictures with recipe links included. You're welcome.

OK. That's enough. I could literally post at least a dozen of these, but I'm gonna have to go get a scoop of Nutella now. 

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the domestic fringe said...

Too funny. We have those Nutella "discussions" in my house too. I love the stuff right off the spoon.