Friday, April 19, 2013

This made me sad.

No kidding. I cried. My heart hurt for women.

Why are we still dealing with this?
How can we make it stop?

Think of how different our lives would be if we did believe the truth of who we are.

So much truth in this and I commend Dove on their campaign. It is literally listed on their website as their "social mission" to show women what true beauty is. I love this!

If only we believed we were beautiful creatures, crafted by God's hand. TRULY believed it!

The thing I love the most about this is how others relate our personality and our mannerisms to our face and how it reflects our beauty, showing that beauty is not just what's on the surface. "Beauty is only skin deep" is SO off the mark. It goes WAY deeper!

I realize that a lot or most of these feelings stem from, not only society, but also past hurts and words spoken over us. That can be changed. We must change our thinking and our mindset.

What's on the inside shines through, whether good or bad.

So smile. You are definitely more beautiful than you think!

Come on, girls! Let's get past this! Resist the urge to entertain thoughts of insecurity and choose to believe truth. It's not an overnight thing, but with practice, it can be done.

Together, with all our insecurities pushed aside, we are a powerful force!

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Sara@iSass said...

Brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for posting this. I'm gonna share it with the family tonight.