Thursday, April 25, 2013

Life Interrupted

That title is an understatement.

My live has been full of interruptions and I'm wondering if there's ever a time in our lives when we do live a life uninterrupted. Impossible.

We jump from one thing to another every day. Just the way it goes for us as women. Good thing God gave us the ability to multi-task, even though while multi-tasking we seem to forget some of the tasks at hand. Whatever.

I can't even seem to form one complete thought for an entire blog post focused on one specific topic or idea.

Not gonna happen.

Snippets of the week include:

* La Petite Belle asked me to make her "Reincarnation" milk yesterday morning. Then the joking of what "reincarnation" milk would cause ensued amongst the family. She meant Carnation Instant Breakfast of course.

* I started watching "Army Wives."  Eh. It's no "Parenthood" or "LOST". Just OK.

* Beau and I were unable to clone ourselves and attend both an athletic banquet for La Petite Belle & a chorus concert for K Belle on same night at the same time. Boo!

* I actually prepared a home-cooked meal on Monday. Shocker! This hasn't happened much in the last month. My family was pleased!

* I resolved to start running again and have run a total of one ... count 'em ... one time this week. Fail.

* I spent over an hour studying about the Cold War with La Petite Belle last night. I will definitely have an advantage next time I play Trivial Pursuit.

* I spent 3 days trying to find the perfect new Facebook profile pic. No dice. Still looking.

* Had a blast last weekend celebrating one of my very best girlfriends, as she prepares to get married this weekend, by throwing her the cleanest, most fun bachelorette party around! Woot! Bachelorette scavenger hunt was a blast and may or may not have included lots of dancing and approaching strangers to ask for piggy back rides.

* The dogs, especially Oliver, are starting to annoy me with their cuteness and posing for photo opps every five minutes. Yes, dogs ... we get it. You love each other. Enough.

See? Not one complete thought.

I think I'm pretty much in a state of unmotivation (Not a word, I know) at present time, not just with blogging, but with pretty much everything. It's where I've been living for a while and I need to crawl out of it. I'm hoping that I can snap out of it soon because my kids need food and clean underwear as usual. Plus I'm going to the beach in a few weeks but don't seem to care about my bathing suit issue enough to get my lazy butt in gear. Don't even get me started on the housework that needs to get done. Ugh.

Nevermind. I'm going to bed.

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Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Oh I've missed you. And since this is my 3rd comment on the 3rd post I've read today, I think we can both safely say I am stalking you. If you find some motivation somewhere, send it to Iowa, because I've lost mine too.