Monday, March 18, 2013

Dilemmas of the Week

#1 - How to spell dilemmas ... yes, I had to google it. One 'm' or two ... two. Duh.

#2 - How to watch "The Bible" series without History Channel.

#3 - Losing 10 {maybe even 15} pounds in four weeks. 'Nuff said.

#4 - How to NOT eat my favorite Easter candies for the next four weeks ... NO Sweetart jelly beans or Dove truffle eggs or NOTHIN'! Boo hoo ...

#5 - How to NOT run for two weeks ... this is harder than it seems, but the diet calls for it. I think I might be sneaky and get at least one Saturday run in. I JUST CAN'T STOP!

#6 - How to figure out "LOST" again as I watch K Belle go through the final season. Still mind-blowing.

#7 - How to get Oliver to stop peeing in his kennel. UGH!

#8 - How to make Oliver more of a man dog and less of a baby boy. He is an incredible cry baby! {I may or may not have spoiled him.}

#9 - How to drink only one cup of coffee per day for four weeks when I typically drink three or more.

#10 - How to NOT stop my new diet by 6:00 pm tonight when Beau says I will. Meanie. He wants to be the only hottie.

Other dilemmas:

Now, let me get to solving.


thirstysouthernsoul said...

Why do you have some of these dilemmas??? Like a lack of coffee? Or no running? =( Not fun at all!

Tammy said...

ha! This was great! I'll make you feel super brilliant right now by telling you that I thought "dilemma" had a silent "n" in it. Gosh! My poor homeschooling children. LOL

You can do this diet thing! Beast it girl!

Daphne Gaspard said...

Oh ... it's this dumb diet I'm doing ... the one where the hubs lost all his weight.

Tammy ... Ha! Me too. I thought the same.

H-Mama said...

we share some of the same dilemmas. ;) and oh, how i miss running. the weight was much easier to control. sigh. what diet are you doing??

Daphne Gaspard said...

My Beau's been doing MediFast and has lost over 50. I'm just gonna try it for four weeks, maybe a little more if I find it works as well for me. But, due to the low calorie intake they suggest you not exercise the first couple of weeks. We'll see.