Thursday, March 28, 2013


There once was a little girl puppy dog named Roxy Belle.

She was a fantastic, sweet little puppy. Her family loved her so much! She was happy and content. And, her family was also happy and content.

One day, her family decided to take in a lonely, strayed puppy. They named him Oliver.

He was also a very sweet puppy and tended to take up a lot of his mommy's attention. All he wanted to do was be next to his mommy ... sit on his mommy's lap, sleep with his mommy, and follow his mommy around wherever she went. He even cried when his mommy would go into the bathroom to take a bath because he wanted to be with her ALL. THE. TIME.

Roxy Belle and Oliver got along splendidly! They played. They cuddled up together. It was quite precious. The family feared Roxy Belle would become jealous, but she really loved Oliver and he loved her back. Roxy Belle even became quite protective of her new buddy. They were really BFFs!!

Mommy started to try to pawn off Oliver's affections onto the other loving members of the family and Oliver started to warm up a little bit more to the others, especially his daddy ...

until one dreadful night ...

while both puppies cuddled up with their parents in the bed ...

all seemed to be nice and quiet ...

until Mama Belle felt Beau abruptly swing his body over and out of the bed ...

"Oliver peed in the bed!" Beau exclaimed.

"WHAT?!?!" Mama Belle replied.

Mama Belle snatched that pup out of the bed and vowed NEVER to let him sleep in her bed again. He was sentenced to his kennel for all eternity.

It has been a rough couple of nights since he's been there. There has been crying, not only from Oliver, but from Roxy Belle ... sympathy cries for her little friend. And, after a record of non-pooping in her kennel, she pooped in her kennel because she was so upset and disheartened over Oliver having to be all alone in his kennel. She couldn't take the crying anymore.

After Mama Belle had to once again clean up poop, which is getting quite old for Mama Belle, she came to a brilliant idea.

She decided to see what would happen if she put these two BFFs in the same kennel at night. So, she did.

And, do you know what happened? Peace. Yes, peace for all in the house. No crying or wimpering or barking occurred. Roxy Belle took care of her little friend.

If the family didn't love and respect Roxy Belle enough before, they certainly do now. She has saved the family sleep time.

Thanks, Roxy Belle. We love you.
{And, you too, Oliver ... affectionately referred to as Pee-Dog}

The End.