Monday, February 18, 2013

Hottie and Hottie

My Beau is three pounds shy of losing 50 pounds since the week after Thanksgiving.

He's looks amazing and is showing no signs of stopping now. I am so proud of him!

However, I can't help but relate to this episode of "The King of Queens" ...

He has given me fair warning to keep my eyes out for all the ladies looking his way {me rolling eyes}.

OK, Hottie ... calm it down. You're all mine.

He really is the epitome of will power right now. I actually feel like a failure next to him. I may or may not have had to sneak certain sweets into the house and may or may not have eaten them when he was not around in order to not face the death stare or disappointing nod. It's like living with Richard Simmons, shorts and all.

I love you, Mr. Hottie Pants! Keep up the good work!