Monday, December 3, 2012

Without a hitch.

Joli's Christmas Pajama Party went off without a hitch (sort of). Typically, any time you put on any event, there are always secret hitches. So, maybe there were quite a few hitches, but it was great regardless!

I think this is the first party that I've planned where I was actually able to enjoy it, more than manage it. I laughed so much! It was such a fun night! And, I had INCREDIBLE women that helped me and really are a God-send!

I took my own advice. You know, you should really practice what you preach. That's always a good thing.

Before the evening began, I implored everyone to put their phones away and set their minds on the opportunities God had placed in front of them that night ... opportunities for investment and relationship.

As women, we brag about the fact that we are great multi-taskers. And, a lot of us really are ... some better than others. I multi-task, but hate it. I think most of us multi-task because we have to. If it were up to us, we would love to focus on one thing at a time.

I discovered something ... a real thing ... seriously ... called CPA (Continuous Partial Attention). Most of us suffer from it.

Continuous Partial Attention is the process of paying simultaneous attention to a number of sources of incoming information, but at a superficial level.

Like texting while someone's talking to you.
Or scrolling through your Facebook while watching a movie.
Or listening to the radio while reading and texting and planning your grocery list and washing laundry and so on ...

Yep. We do it.

So, I've committed to getting rid of my CPA and really focusing on one thing at a time. Sometimes this may seem like an impossibility.

But, I really thing that's what God wants from us ... to do the things He's given us well, which requires us to give them our full attention.

I also think that we need to put our phones, our computers, our iPads, and the like, away when it comes to things that are really important to us.

There are times when my family and I are all looking at our phones or iPods, and not being present in the moments we have. We don't allow phones at the dinner table, but I think we need to start going even further than that. 

Because, moments are fleeting. They seem to be passing me by, especially with my girls.

I discovered this quote a few months back:
Simple, yet so profound.

I want to be ALL there for my family, my friends, all my relationships. 

I want to be ALL there for my job, my church, all the moments God's given me.

I want to be ALL THERE and not miss any opportunities God's given me because I'm looking for the next best thing.

I want to be ALL there this Christmas, truly focusing on Christ and what this season is all about.

I want to be ALL there while I'm STILL here.

Don't miss a moment. Take it all it.