Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Censored Post

I started to write this whole post about my thoughts on Christian music versus secular music and how we speak out against secular music, but in the same vain, we don't watch movies or TV shows that star only Christians OR that only display things about the Bible (although there are some good ones like those lately ... October Baby ... awesome!). And, I could go on with more examples, but, like I said ... not writing that post. But, if I did, it would be quite lengthy and include my absolute love of worship music and Journey.

Then, I thought ... nah ... too much controversy, causing too much drama.

So, I thought maybe I'd write my thoughts on the way Christians treat homosexuals in a way that Jesus never would. Remember, "hate the sin, love the sinner," not "hate the sin and the sinner." And, how we look on homosexuals with great disgust, while embracing our heterosexual friends who live a similar lifestyle.

(And, yes, I know the Bible speaks against homosexuality, so don't go crazy. 
I'm just talking about our reaction & treatment of others.)

But ... that could be even more controversial.

So ... 

Umm ...

I'm censoring myself. I do that sometimes. You have no idea how many posts I've written and NOT posted over the years. Thank God! I'm sure I would have regretted them.

So ...

Let's see ... 

not controversial, not controversial ... thinking, thinking ...

I'll show you my favorite Christmas things on Pinterest.

Because Pinterest is not controversial in the least (except for that one time a pornographic picture popped up as something someone pinned, which I immediately reported it).

And, because I'm so nice, I linked these to the websites they came from if there was a link. You're welcome.

Cute to hang on my wall!

Doily-wrapped baking pan - so clever for Christmas treats!

I wish I would have seen this a long time ago! Great idea for all those old Christmas cards!

Hot Chocolate Bar

Yes. I need this sweatshirt.


My very safe Pinterest post.

I need less controversy in my life.